guilty pleasure monday: to sir with love (lulu)

as the school year closes (at least around here — most of the rest of the nation has been out of school probably for six months by this point, but not OUR schools, which stay open practically until the next millenium), i am inspired to revisit an old chestnut from the teacher-who-tames-the-unruly-and-impossible-class genre. it’s another one of my 4:30 movie favorites, to sir with love, starring brilliant actor sidney poitier and a host of other mostly-english actors you’ve probably never heard of.

in typical hollywood fashion, the movie completely bowdlerizes the novel, down to the fact that when the girls burn something in poitier’s classroom, no one ever tells what’s causing that smell. (it’s a sanitary napkin. used. yech.) not to mention the fact that london’s east end in the mid-1960s was a very rough place, thanks to kray-zee guys like these. (i, of course, follow the east end of london closely, the current bowdlerized version anyhow, via eastenders. so i should know. of course.)

but i rabbit on digress. and this is about guilty pleasure songs, not films. apparently, the american idol folks had lulu on in the not-too-distant past, reviving this old chestnut. i’m sorry i missed it but am glad i can still see it, for while i avoid AI like the plague, i do like seeing old singers trotting out their hits. and it is a lovely song, much better than the crap lulu ended up singing for eurovision a few years after.

too bad for her, though: she can no longer feel parts of her lovely face. no more botox for you, lulu!

so is there a point to all of this? let’s see:

1) the east end of london is not a groovy disneyland;

2) you ought not set fire to your kotex under any circumstances;

3) love your teachers and sing to them often;


4) botox — or buttocks, as BC mistakenly calls it — is probably not a good option.


4 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: to sir with love (lulu)”

  1. What a great song! I have not heard or thought about this song in a long time. Thanks for this!

  2. I love that song, esp. the lick “If you wanted the sky I would write across the sky in letters, that would soar a thousand feet high. To sir, with love.”

  3. Didn’t click the link ’cause I’m at work in an (otherwise) all-male office, and I’d be trampled to death. But I know and like that song. Just not by junior high girls choirs in Gunne Sax dresses on a graduation stage, as I remember it.

  4. “To Sir With Love”: One of my all-time favorite sappy movies. And I LOVE that song. “To sir, wiiith looooooooove!!”

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