guilty pleasure monday: we live for love (pat benatar)

Actually, there are three girls at Ridgemont who have cultivated the Pat Benatar look.

-Linda as played by Phoebe Cates, Fast Times at Ridgemont High

admit it. if you’re a girl of a certain age, you remember that spikey, longish-short hair cut. the stripey tops with the slightly puffy sleeves. that swollen, chipmunk face. that heavily overdone eye makeup that we all wish we could have pulled off ourselves. and those deadly, operatic pipes.

pat benatar was definitely a killer queen of sorts in the early 1980s. she and her band rocked with such hits as hit me with your best shot, you better run, and heartbreaker. for my part, i was simply glad that we were moving away from those aurally-boring earthmamas and ladies who graced the world with to-the-floor gypsy wear (paging stevie nicks!) i welcomed the chipmunk chick — she seemed like someone who would kick christopher cross’s ass and eat peter cetera for lunch.

of course, i still have nightmares about the embarrassment that is love is a battlefield: careful. piss me off and i might shake my tits at you. i can’t remember whether it was letterman or conan o’brian who showed that one relentlessly, though i suspect it was the former (who also showed stevie nicks’ edge of seventeen relentlessly, too. just so you know: no woman singer is immune.)

but that came later. for now, i will share with you the fact that i adore pat when she sings we live for love. sure, it is a shameless disco song by a rocker chick who was probably begging for airplay by any means necessary. but it is a fun song, filled with her sweet, high voice.

back in the days when we, too, could experiment with makeup and no one would say: oh, that’s just too young for you. when we could cut our hair really short and wear extremely tight leggings and not care about whether our circulation was going to be negatively affected. we could wear too much makeup, and, well, so was everyone else. and we could wear those incredibly awful shirts and look like frantic bumblebees.

cos back then, we lived for love, too.


5 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: we live for love (pat benatar)”

  1. I adore Pat Benatar. I actually love the song Love is a Battlefield, but the video….aaack! Shoot, I even love the ever sappy We Belong.

  2. admittedly, i love we belong, too, and listened to it on youtube about 4 times after posting this, hee hee 🙂

  3. In the 80’s, I thought Pat was the hottest game in town. I loved her short hair.

  4. love this, good song, I adore Pat Benatar

  5. Pat Benatar was my first-ever ‘adult’ concert. Granted, I wore some kind of tight, white one-piece with a metallic belt, boots, and lots of hairspray. (Not sure why I remember what I wore.) And granted (again), my parents also attended (but sat someplace different). And granted (yet again), she was fantatsic! Thanks for the memories wreke.

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