as foreshadowed last week, yesterday, i had a stress test with pictures. this means in normal human parlance that i had some radioactive dye injected into my arm so that they could see how well my heart functions as i walk faster and faster uphill. not really too hard until you realize that all i was allowed to eat all day was toast and a little juice before 5 am. and the three-hour test started at noon.

but i passed. i believe the doctor’s words were: you have a good heart. he literally went into no details, such as my recovery time after hitting 90 percent of my heart rate. nada. i still don’t even know what was seen on my echocardiogram i had the day before. (because of insurance vagaries, i had to schedule the tests on different days.)

i still have chest pain which radiates down my left arm. i guess since i am not dead it is probably something else, like a nerve. but the nifty thing i have now is a letter. a letter which will help me enter federal buildings, airports, and anywhere else with a detector. see, for the next three weeks: i’m radioactive. i can set off all sorts of things.

i always thought i was a little radioactive, considering i grew up a little ways from a nuclear power plant. but now, i have a letter toย  prove it.

whee! better living through science!

i wonder if i glow in the dark?


4 Responses to “radioactive”

  1. Suggestion: go see a GI doctor for non-cardiac chest pain. DH sees a lot of this: it might be something as simple as reflux or a hiatal hernia.

  2. thanks for the suggestion, wise dr. alto ๐Ÿ™‚ i am going to follow up ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. glad there will be no heart attack. as we say to our kids, take care of yourself. you’re the only you we have.

  4. I can’t recall what witty funny remark I thought to comment with so, I’ll just leave with – Hope you feel better soon and ‘they’ figure it out. ๐Ÿ™‚

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