twisting by the pool

we belong to our community pool. it’s hard to believe, in fact, how much it costs to be a member of said pool, and yet, we do it. there are not many options where we live; we can’t actually put one into our backyard (besides the overwhelming expense, our back yard is a bit of a luge run), and it’s close to the house. yes, we are lemmings.

anyway, in years past, we have not known anyone at our pool, save for another family from our synagogue. i have actually tried making friends, but apparently, there is a huge sign on my forehead that says: avoid! avoid! she has a strange sense of humor, and her hair is bad! but this year, as BC goes to school with a lot of the kids from our neighborhood, i figure we will meet plenty of the people who swim.

today, we went to the pool. luckily, our new neighbors were there. wow. who knew that the pool experience is so much more fun when people actually talk to you!  BC played with our neighbor’s two kids, while jools hung mostly with BS and i. and lo, and behold: the dude, whose feet touch the 3 foot bottom on tiptoe, actually hit some milestones, all in one day.

swim without waterwings: check.

swim with head underwater from mom to dad: check.

jump in pool and recover himself enough to swim to appointed adult: check.

so very proud i am. truly.

it would have been a completely perfect day had the boys BC knew from school not come around and started calling jools stupid! these are third grade boys going off on a five year old. i wasn’t there — BS witnessed it. and while BC was outraged for her brother (yes, the same brother she thinks has psychological problems and, in her professional opinion, needs speech therapy), BS told her to ignore the boys. why should she care what they think?

clearly, i need to let BS know that this is not the way bombastic me would have handled this. see, i take no prisoners and wear my mom badge proudly. and i have no problem with taking a boy by the hand and marching him to his mother, asking her whether she approves of her son taking on another child nearly 5 years younger than him, unprovoked,  and calling him denegrating names.

and you wonder why other people avoid me at the pool.


5 Responses to “twisting by the pool”

  1. Ha! You don’t have bad hair. The strange sense of humor? Well, you can sit right by me at the pool…or let’s go spray parking!

  2. As a sister myself, I can say whatever I want about my siblings…but don’t even think about it if you’re not also a sibling.

    I understand the defense.

  3. You want to come with us to our pool? I also think I must have on a “avoid!” sign, with the number of friends I’ve made at our pool (maybe one, as well). I think I mostly get a passing glance that says to me, “oh, she works,” or, “she doesn’t go to our church.” (Most of the moms [with kids-my-kids’-ages] I see there are SAHM and/or are talking about recent church activities.)

    It would be fun to go with folks who actively enjoy our company! We just need to convince Rosie that it’s okay to get splashed in the face. YAY to Jools on the swim-feats!

  4. Way to go, Jools! Those are very impressive milestones indeed. He was on a mission that day. “Who you callin’ stupid, FOOL?! I pity the fool.”

    I’m right there with you as the matronly pool leper. I’ve never made a friend at the pool. In the past, I guess my “odd” reading material was to blame (usually some uber-boring/over my head science paper…”we’d approach her, but we don’t know the secret handshake”). Now, I think they’re simply afraid my fat is contagious.

    I’m there, in spirit, at the pool with you and nylon. Hey, stop staring at my thighs! No, they are not contagious! Na-nuu, Na-nuu.

  5. This was a fun post. GOod for sis to stick up for bro and good for the new swimmer dude to check off all those huge accomplishments! Glad you had fun.

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