piece o’ my heart

welcome to crazy-busy central, where, at the rate we’re all going, someone’s going to shoot out an eye. jools is graduating from preschool next week; BC is hugging trees at school (as uncle larry put it, though they’re actually simply identifying them. but you know uncle larry, AKA the man who is to the right of attila the hun, will never shy away from an opportunity to put a political slant on a situation, joker that he always is…); and i’ve had a date this morning with a cardiologist.

see, i just don’t have enough specialists in my life at the moment, so i thought i’d go for the gold. i’ve been having pains in my heart and weakness that radiates down my left arm and into the left side of my neck and head. i feel like a crazy person, but BS strongly suggested that i’m not and that i need to take care of myself (as did my parents), so i broke down and ended up at a cardiologist, someone who seems quite approachable. my blood pressure is fine, and so was my EKG, but next week, i have to have a treadmill stress test and an echocardiogram. i figured next week would be good in case they need a vein, as tomorrow is another date with my IVIG!

(i wonder if keith richards experiences this many medical interventions?)

i have to laugh at the concept of a treadmill being my stress inducer. ha! i seek out the elliptical stepper to relieve my stress. here’s my idea of a real stress test:

1) up intermittently all night with one child who is barfing.

2) wake (ha! ha!) in the morning knowing that something is due. a report? paperwork? oh. now i remember. a presentation in front of bigwigs. a presentation i dutifully and diligently completed but was going to put finishing touches on last night after the kids went to bed; only, too bad for me. a kid got sick.

3) the realization that your spouse and you will now play the game whose job is more important today!? let the shouting begin!

4) “winning” that competition, off to work you go, exhausted, with other child in tow. drop other child off at school. park car; take a bus and two metros to work.

5) give important presentation, realizing that important piece you didn’t get to was actually more than just windowdressing. oops.

6) call from other child’s school. child is barfing. please come pick up child. spouse cannot pick up child, as other child is currently reenacting the magic of krakatoa in full bloom.

7) take two metros and a bus to get to car. get to school. get to child. child blows chunks on your Jones New York suit. (hold in those tears. it’s not your turn.)

8) after your dry clean only apparel is destroyed when child helpfully wipes a wet paper towel over the spew, get kid into car. do happy dance when you locate a plastic target bag in the back. place target bag in front of child.

9) get home to find that spouse, too, is kissing the porcelain god. spouse sees you, mutters something of the whereabouts of barfy child #1, then runs upstairs to the bedroom and closes door. buh-bye. won’t be seeing him again until saturday.

10) there you are: sleepy, queasy, in heels and a formerly good suit, with two kids looking up at you for help. it’s 3:00 p.m. go.

now you can attach electrodes to me and see how well my heart fares. not that this has ever happened to me… well, not necessarily in this order. i suspect there are other, better scenarios out there. i can even recall the night when i had a child and a husband barfing and a child not breathing. i held a bucket under one and a nebulizer on the other. oh, if only i had the wherewithall to take pictures of this joyful wee-hours-of-the-morning family experience. but in the end, i had to leave the barfers to themselves and drive the non-breather to the hospital at 4 a.m. — behind a weaving, probably drunk driver. really. good. times.

in short: i don’t need no stinkin’ treadmill.

(doctors? you can thank me later for this test design.)


7 Responses to “piece o’ my heart”

  1. I had a treadmill stress test not too long ago. It occurred to me while I was running in place that they mostly wanted me there to train the staff and to get a baseline for what my normal heart rate looked like, for future reference.

    Hope you pass the test (HA! See what I did there?).

  2. I just have to say I loved #3 above. Really the whole thing. Holy smokes, lady, you and I need to meet at a pool and I will bring you a thermos of fruity drinks. Good luck with IVIG and treadmills and all of the rest. xoxo

  3. We have reached a point in our lives where the most expeditious way to find out what’s going on in your life is to read your blog. We daily check it What a neat way to keep up to date!! xoxo

  4. fruity drinks….::drool::: with umbrellas? ::drool::

    kellyobaby, you are like the queen of stress management. i have nothing to bitch about; you are my idol in the marathon of life.

    and yes, mom. i guess this means i don’t have to email you, huh šŸ˜‰

  5. Oh mama, I have so been there with the deadline involving potential public humiliation and the night shot from someone’s illness.

    What is it with teh menfolks who, when sick, are struck down low/rendered useless but the little woman is staggering around perhaps herself not feeling so chipper, yet putting 3 squares and 2 snacks into everyone else plus wiping/rocking/fetching if need be?

    “Hold in those tears. It’s not your turn.”

    Le sigh.

    I do hope everyone’s well now and that all tests are fine and all IVIGs are uneventful. And that your poor JNY suit survived to see another day.


  6. […] as foreshadowed last week, yesterday, i had a stress test with pictures. this means in normal human parlance that i had some radioactive dye injected into my arm so that they could see how well my heart functions as i walk faster and faster uphill. not really too hard until you realize that all i was allowed to eat all day was toast and a little juice before 5 am. and the three-hour test started at noon. […]

  7. Featured on Good Mom/Bad Mom on the Houston Chronicle. http://tinyurl.com/5p8q7b

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