beautiful boy

ever since the day you were born, you’ve been a child of wonder. you’re curious about insects and dinosaurs and how letters go together to make words. you pepper coach alex with 50,000 questions at each little olympian class. you take things apart; you destroy anything your sister hasn’t hidden. and every night, you ask the same question: what are we going to do in the morning?

you’re a brave, brave boy. yes, you whine and cry any time you are scheduled to go anywhere, whether it’s school or a class or to the supermarket. (you don’t whine when it’s target time because you think you’ll be getting a toy. guess again, little man.) you are completely apprehensive about these experiences. but once you’re in them, you flourish. you’re thrilled you went. you don’t provide the same color-commentary that your big sister does whenever she does anything (well, i take that back: she doesn’t describe her trips to the bathroom; you, on the other hand… well…), but you beam. i’m trying to help you remember that feeling: remember these feelings maybe will help you the next time you need to go and do something and you don’t want to go. these feelings will buoy you; and there are times in life that you really need a buoy.

i still remember the first time i heard you laugh. you were 2 months old, asleep on my shoulder one summer night, while your father and i watched some evening TV. i was still anxiously awaiting sounds from your mouth that moved beyond a cry or a burp; your sister was an early talker and i was hoping you might be, too. at a funny point in the show, you, sound asleep but completely on cue, started to laugh: your hearty, little man giggle that i now hear every single day. but that night, i heard a preview of the happy guy who was emerging. it took my breath away.

and i relish every single day with that happy boy. soon, you’ll start kindergarten, and our tuesdays will end. you’ll be sad, i know, but probably not as sad as i’ll be. but if you can be brave about it, i will be, too, deal?

i love you, beautiful boy. happy birthday, darling darling darling darling jools.


7 Responses to “beautiful boy”

  1. Aw, happy birthday little man!

  2. […] I also want to direct you to my friend Wrekehavoc’s blog today. She is celebrating her son’s birthday. She embeded a youtube video of the song […]

  3. Happiest of Birthdays to the little man! Looks like a beautiful one…

  4. Aww…Happy Birthday jools.

    I had a moment very similar with my older son. he was also about 2 mos old and he had just about fallen asleep while nursing which he suddenly tilted his had back and just guffawed! Milk dribbling out of his mouth and just this burst of laughter. That was almost 23 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

  5. So sweet. Happy happy birthday to the little whippersnapper!

  6. Pass the tissues please. And happy belated birthday jools!

  7. JOOLS! Happy belated birthday!! Sorry I’m late in the wishing–why did I think he was a June baby like Dash?

    He and Rosie should have another playdate soon. She’s been asking about him!

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