guilty pleasure monday: stephanie (the partridge family)

those of us ladies of a certain age — and we know who we are, don’t we, now? — were big fans of the partridge family (aka the pretend cowsills) back in the day. sure, even at age 5 i knew that no one was playing their instruments — duh! — but i didn’t care, cos i had my very first crush on this man:

david cassidy

yes, there i was, a preschooler, deciding that david cassidy was the cutest guy alive. (well, second to paul mccartney, of course, back when he still could be called cute… although i suppose you can refer to some older people as cute, but then it means something entirely different.) even then, i knew i had to keep a thin veneer of cool about me at all times; but i had a few of their albums (thank G-d for Hal Blaine, huh?), a few comic books, and a scary knowledge of the shows.

the latter doesn’t seem remotely interesting except for one little detail: this was in the era before VCRs. in fact, this was the era before prime time shows were syndicated, much less repeated, save for 1950s gems like i love lucy. i had to depend on my photographic memory to remember the songs, especially since not all of them ended up on the albums.

one in particular was my favorite song of all. stephanie was actually from a very special episode guest starring (say it with me now)…ooohhh. ahhhhh. bobby sherman!!! (nope. bobby didn’t do anything for me, either. while i am sure sherman is a good person, even at age 5, i knew i didn’t like anyone who might call me little woman.) after some breaking and entering that would normally land a dude in jail, bobby sherman and a dorky, tone-deaf guy named lionel poindexter (whose mother obviously didn’t love him when they saddled him with that sucker) end up getting their music and lyrics together (courtesy of the partridges, of course.)

what amazes me to this day (if i may say so myself…and i will) was that after hearing that song during that one episode in 1970, i never forgot it. in fact, i did what any self-respecting preschooler freak of nature wunderkind little kid would do: the minute we got a piano, two years later, i sat down and figured the song out. only, too bad for me: the only parts i remembered were: stephanie, whose eyes are blue/what would life be like with you… skip ahead to the chorus: and i’m doin’/all i can do/all but the growin’/that’s up to you. yes, i was mystified as all hell trying to figure out what growing had to do with anything, but i was even more frustrated that i wanted to hear this song again… and i couldn’t, except for in my head or through my fingers on the piano.

thank G-d for youtube.

so dad, if you’re out there (and i know you are), now you know why i just had to sit at the piano and play a stupid set of chords, over and over. this may sound familiar to you now.

and i’ll dedicate this guilty pleasure monday to my beautiful cousin stephanie, even though her eyes aren’t blue. and she doesn’t need to grow.

can someone please unglue susan dey‘s fingers from the keyboards?


15 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: stephanie (the partridge family)”

  1. I had a huge crush on Bobby Sherman when I was a little girl. I also watched the Partridge Family all the time. Thanks for this guilty pleasure.

  2. hehehe. my guilty pleasure!

  3. I was always a much bigger fan of David vs Shawn (Cassidy that is)! But I was not as scarily into it as you – remembering a song after one viewing enough to try and pluck out chords on the piano? I am IMPRESSED!

  4. THE Stephanie Says:

    Super Fab! I loved it and I did recall cherishing my Bobby Sherman album. OOOOHs and AAAAHs from me. I was happy to let all the girls have David Cassidy as well as Monkees Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike. Thanks for the chuckle and spotlight! Btw, that was my first time hearing “Stephanie” and I loved it! I may have seen the episode, but, alas, being of a “certain age”, I didn’t recall it. For a guilty pleasure Tuesday, I dare you to listen to this super rendition of the Blueist Skies You’ve Ever Seen in Seattle! I just sang along with my sister to it! Yes, youtube is so groovy!

  5. Awesome, as always! Who was the geek trying to snap along NOT with the beat? Too funny. Actually, I was into Shawn Cassidy; but when he never answered my fan letter to him, I dropped all affection. I then had a crush on Scott Baio instead.

  6. i loved the partridge family too. my crush was on susan dey and my babysitter looked “just like her”….yeah, i had a real life representation of my tv crush.

    and i love the Pizza Hut table settings in the clip too..what a rockin venue.

  7. […] By the way, as soon as I do post this post, I will be running over to Wreke’s blog to see her Monday post if she has one.    Follow me if you like.     She almost always has a MUSIC post and they are FUN.   [updated:  here’s the link.] […]

  8. I LOVED the partridge family! I watched it any time I had the chance. The music was great and I was totally in love with Susan Dey! This was a great episode too! In a pre-scifi moment for me, I loved when Lionel said turn on stove and the stove turned on!

    Now, answer this. Why was it that the Partridge Family only played cafes and small venues throughout the show? Was Reuben just that bad of a manager?

  9. I was totally into Shaun Cassidy and tried, unsuccessfully, to bully my now-I-know-she’s-a-lesbian sister into a crush on David Cassidy so we could fantasy-marry brothers.

    Point me in the direction of Albuquerkeeeee-heeee.

  10. No love for Peter Tork or Davy Jones? Not even Mike Nesmith!? Granted, that wasn’t even his hat, but still…

  11. Put me in the Shaun Cassidy column too…I think I dropped him not long after for Leif Garrett. Kills me how the ’70s were all about boyz who looked like girlz. Have you ever *seen* longer eyelashes than David Cassidy’s?

  12. Well, in case you didn’t guess from my name, my mother was a big fan of The Partridge Family… I was named after this song. Actually, I just saw the episode for the first time tonight. 🙂

  13. […] so — did i mention i was a weird kid?), my little-girl-self was busy watching the partridges. i’ve bravely broken my silence about my well-known crush on keith partridge david cassidy. i read my tiger beat and 16 magazines, and i was damn well mad when tony defranco took up any real […]

  14. […] i suspect my parents considered having me committed. (don’t worry; i was still working on my old partridge family favorite… in secret, though. the patridges were tres uncool in the early 1980s in my […]


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