with a little luck

every morning, i drive BC to school a little before nine. we hear my favorite DJ, weasel, who was a mainstay at the old, much lamented and missed 99.1 WHFS and who now hangs mornings at The Globe. most mornings, he asks a trivia question, and i never call even though i know the answer. and BC says: aw mom, why didn’t you try?

this morning is the first SOL (standards of learning, though some fool definitely made for one unfortunate acronym) for BC, and she’s nervous. she ate a good breakfast, and we packed some solid snacks for her. but she was still nervous. as the good mom i am, i always deal with my feelings by making a joke out of them.

so we’re driving to school, and i’m telling her: BC, honey, whether or not you pass the SOLs does not determine whether you pass the third grade. you would have to go and do something crazy, like burn down the school at this point to not pass third grade. and that would be a stupid, stupid thing to do.

BC grinned. mama, that’s the craziest idea i ever heard!

exactly. then we heard weasel about to announce the question of the day. i generally do not dial and drive, but i figured, aw, what the hell. i’ll dial and pull over. it will make the kid laugh.

the question: sheryl crow sings my favorite mistake and now claims it is about some philandering ex-boyfriend of hers. we know who it is really about, though, right? call me and tell me who it is and you’ll get a pair of tickets to her show.

duh. if anyone was paying attention a few months ago to my clapton/harrison binge, they’ll know that if i wondered whether it was true before, i know it’s true now. while clapton never out-and-out admits it, based on his past track record and doing the math, it is not hard to figure out. weasel mentioned that he could not understand how the two of them tour together after breaking up.

anyway, to make madame smile, i called. and… i WON. yes, jaxx, yes BS, yes everyone out there who thinks i’m the luckiest girl alive, i won two tickets to next week’s show. unfortunately, it is a wednesday night, the last night of religious school and a night before another SOL. can’t get a sitter. can’t take the girl.

(anyone wanna go with me? i have no earthly idea how to get to the venue, of course. so you’d be driving 😉

but the grin on BC’s face as she walked out of the car was priceless. and that is exactly how i wanted to send the chick off to school. mama’s a doofus, but her aim is true.

ah, the things we do for love.

speaking of love, here are the former alleged lovebirds.

i know why the caged bird sings, weasel: it’s good business to tour with a legend.


5 Responses to “with a little luck”

  1. Gawd, I remember listening to WHFS as a teen back in DC! It was a progressive station back in the day. Congrats on winning the tix. I would love to go with you, but I’d have to fly up there. Let BC miss the last day of religious school and take her to the concert. Loved the clips of Sheryl Crow and Clapton but especially “The Things We Do For Love”. With the title of your post, I thought surely you’d include a video clip of McCartney’s “With A Little Luck”.

  2. You are the queen of trivia, you are!

    If you can’t find a bigger Sheryl Crow fan to share your tickets, I may be able to trade favors with Monkeyrotica and get the night out (it’s a slim chance tho).

  3. How cool!!! Congratulations. I loved your post about clapton/harrison. Ah, if only Sheryl Crow was not one of those celebrities for whom I have a completely illogical dislike! I agree with Alto2 – find a way to take BC – what a fun moment to share together. Good job sending her off to school with a smile :->

  4. I will go if there are no better takers than I (Wreke shall be the judge of that!). An eve hangin with Wreke and seein (and hearin) actual live music played right there while you watch (and listen) sounds like a great thing.

  5. Congratulations on the win! Must be something in the air…I won an Odyssey dinner cruise celebrating the “Sex in the City” movie, and we’re going tonight. It’s my first date with DH in quite a while. Please, oh please, no torrential downpours!

    Oh, my my DD started her SOLs this past Wednesday. She was nervous the night before, as well, until I told her that they were really testing the school, not the students. She seemed to take comfort in that fact. When I asked her about the test that evening, she was almost embarassed to say how easy it was.

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