guilty pleasure monday: isn’t it time (the babys)

(oh hush, you human spell-checks out there. that’s really how they spelled babys.)

Isn’t It Time is a powerful little gem of a mid/late-1970s song: fantastic hook, great backup singers, fun horn section, and of course, ginger-haired-wonder-himself, john waite. (you’ll probably remember him from one-time inescapable MTV hit Missing You and the more forgettable Bad English song When I See You Smile, both of which came later and probably still grace a lite FM station near you.) two songs from movies (If Anybody Had a Heart and Change) in the 1980s also became hits.

sometimes, i have a hard time separating it from Every Time I Think of You, another babys single which came afterwards.

but i can. and i do.

what i can’t seem to understand is how this guy didn’t become bigger. he has a unique voice that is filled with emotion. he wrote chart-friendly material at the time.

and of course, he had…the hair.

now of course, he has a lot more hair.

but i like to think back to when he looked like a red version of this:

that’s probably what did it. see, he had the hair to be a punk back in the late, great 70’s, but his material was too melodic. in the music industry, image is all, i guess. (that would explain the success of a lot of people. but i won’t digress at the moment.)

all’s i can say is that i love a guy whose hair sticks up. see, my hair used to look like that, too (though it’ll be a very cold and bitter day when i post pictures.) so, for today’s embarrassing imagery, just imagine me singing it at the top of my lungs in the car.

cos i do.

(windows closed, of course.)


2 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: isn’t it time (the babys)”

  1. OH! I lurve the BABYS! Recently, I saw Waite on the country TV video prog with a duet with… someone.

  2. That man could rock the shag, could he not? Yeah, I always liked their music (their hits, anyway; I never pursued them farther than my FM dial, which might go a long way toward explaining their marginalized status). I think they were a bit too polished for the late ’70s as we were all so eager to scrub off the sticky disco residue. Still, I wonder what he sounds like now?

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