baby i’m a star

this week, miss thang is the classroom star of the week.

star student
the kids listened with rapt attention about how girlfriend has been in the washington post (twice!), likes to play softball, has an annoying little brother (who, contrary to what one child thought, is not wearing a skirt in the picture on the board), has pet a snake at busch gardens (in tampa, not williamsburg), has walked the plank on a pirate ship off grand cayman (where’s the plank? the boys wanted to know), has a bunny named ba-ba (because that’s how she pronounced it back then, even though he’s really Pat The Bunny), has a poem that took second prize at the county fair, and knows that there’s a place called hell. in grand cayman.

(her teacher promised to direct all parent inquiries about BC’s use of a bad word to me.)

she also showed a picture of herself at club med in florida. and, of course, we showed the video of her dancing with X. the resident beatles fan in the class came up to me afterwards. that’s hard rock! he annouced authoritatively.

and of course, i am a music snob to the end, even with a nine year old. no, sweetie, it’s punk. hard rock leans more toward metal.

he looked at me slightly puzzled. i know what he was thinking: uh, yeah BC’s mom. whatever.

anyway, madam did a great job answering questions and taking comments. of course, every day, she’s a star around here. along with hellboy, of course.

not a bad life, eh?


6 Responses to “baby i’m a star”

  1. Kudos to your daughter!

  2. Yay! I love the star of the week bulletin boards. I don’t think they had them when I was little. My kid was on cloud nine the whole week. Even better than being line leader. Also? A lot of the things on BC’s list sounded suspiciously like “my mom must worship me cause she does about 7 million interesting things with me!” Tsk, tsk, sullying the ears of other fine little stars…

  3. i can’t help it. i actually like my kids. most days 😉

    …although i am still a little mystified as to how this child has gotten her face in the post 2x, and she’s not even 10 yet. the 2nd time was a complete fluke.

  4. I kind of like the sound of “What the plank?!” though I realize I chg’d it up…

  5. Every time my elder daughter does something noteworthy, she looks at me and asks, “Am I famous NOW?” If my daughter had your daughter’s list she’d be insufferable. Kudos for having a together child with an impressive resume!

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