guilty pleasure monday: nervous night (the hooters)

guilty pleasure monday time!

this week, we’ll meander down memory lane with a band i listened to as a wee tike of 15. the hooters were a band out of philly, and in 1980, they started to get a ton of airplay on my beloved station WMMR (rrrrrrockin’ phil. a. delphia. pity how bad the station sucks today.)

ah yes. there’s always some weirdness when you like a band, and yet no one outside of your listening area has ever heard of them. no one in miami had a clue who the hooters were; no one except for the few south jersey/philly refugees, that is. but i just knew there was some sort of chutzpah in a band that actually played a melodica (or hooter) in their songs. (yeah. i’ll be the one cheering on the person who raps to bach. just you wait.) besides, some of the guys were cuuuuute. (which matters to the average teen. even the ones who tell you it doesn’t.)

that all ended when they somehow got HUGE in the mid 1980s. Nervous Night exploded on the charts, and suddenly, everyone had heard of them. drunk frat boys were bouncing to And We Danced. i nearly swatted my friend leifer every time Hangin on a Heartbeat came on, as he repeatedly uttered the line: this ain’t no quiz game, ya know like some meaningful mantra. people especially loved to tout that two members of the band had co-written Cyndi Lauper’s monster hit Time After Time. admittedly, i cannot stand to hear All You Zombies (although i did rewrite the lyrics to describe the family of someone i didn’t like very much at that time — and yes, teen-aged moi used very ignorant words at the time — enchanting lyrics such as:

all you bleep names are re-tarrrrrded.

all you people from city bleeped.

(let me formally apologize now to anyone out there with a mental challenge: a) for the use of the R word, and b) for insulting you by comparing you to that particular family. you are sooo much finer, sooo much smarter, and sooo much better than anyone in that family. it was insensitive to lump them in with you, and i am deeply apologetic.)

now then.

my very favorite on the album is actually a cover of an old arthur lee and love song, She Comes in Colors (which was subsequently ripped off by madonna (listen and you’ll see) with Beautiful Stranger.) yep. loved them, and actually love that energetic cover (and those of you who follow my musical rants know i am highly critical of covers.) loved when i saw them play at Live Aid in the city of cheesesteaks phreindly phans little bill brotherly love. (yes. i. was. there. in. the. thousand-degree. heat.)

where did those children go?

apparently, they became big in europe, akin to the musical equivalent to jerry lewis. (or would that be david hasselhoff?) they split for awhile. one member, eric bazilion, basically put together a kick-ass album for joan osborne in 1996, including writing One of Us, prompting me to look at people to this very day wondering whether they might be G-d, especially if the person is just a slob (like one of us.) others continued in music. then bam! they got back together. they are currently supporting their newest album on tour. bummed i missed them; it would have been a fun night.

but i’m no longer some teenybopper who can just go off and see a show. had i trekked out without a babysitter lined up, it would have been my own personal nervous night.



4 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: nervous night (the hooters)”

  1. It’s been so long since I “claimed” a band as my own (1987, to be exact) that I have almost forgotten what it feels like. All of the acts I’ve gotten silly over were monster acts — the Beatles, the Who, and especially Elvis Costello — so I didn’t feel like one of the “ground floor” fans. I felt that way only for the 1987 band, and they’re not known too well outside of Hawaii.

  2. i know what you mean. i feel so out of it, though compared to probably a lot of the moms in the parking lot at BC’s school, i’m, er, hip, listening to all sorts of lesser-known alternative acts. but i am soo far out of the way i once was. kids kind of take over your brainwaves, KWIM?

    still, it was fun once upon a time 🙂

  3. It’s as poignant today as it was back then…this ain’t no quiz game, ya know!!! For the record…I mumbled through three REM album before most knew they existed and I’m still waiting for the masses to rediscover XTC and give them the lofty praise they so deserve. By the way, I still smirk quietly to myself every time I hear Locomotive Breath 😉

  4. as do i, my friend. as do i 😉

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