chocolate cake

mamabird has inspired me to share a cake picture, just as she did earlier this week.

there’s a cake baking contest at BC’s school, part of the elementary school fair cakewalk program. the kids play a sort of musical chairs, and the winner of each round gets to pick a cake from the voluminous bunch of cakes. there’s also an award for best cake in each grade.

BC and i were looking through our latest Family Fun magazine and were inspired by a little food craft. we decided to make it into a cake.

presenting: our sushi cake!

sushi cake

pity someone probably won’t appreciate it. but it sure was fun to make!

and today, we’ll be making another cake, as the class with the most cakes contributed wins an ice cream party.

can you say: sugar, sugar, SUGAR!


11 Responses to “chocolate cake”

  1. Stupendous!! I adore it! You and BC have a creative cake gift, and if the cakewalk fair pfjudges don’t see that, well, you know where they can go.

  2. and yet we didn’t win a prize! hmmph. i took comfort in the fact that there were other cakes in other grades that were stupendous that didn’t win. it seemed like people who took Wilton classes or used a shaped pan (!) had an edge on those of us who just stumble along. gah.

  3. I love it! That is one very fun cake.

    I would give you a prize. Or ask for a slice with some of the maki. Maybe both.

  4. i’d be delighted to make it again and serve it to people like you who might enjoy it more than whichever kid won it at the cakewalk, lol 🙂

    ah well. better luck next year 🙂

  5. oh MY, I would award that cake my top prize. mmm, edamame cake and wasabi frosting…. Oh, the Wilton stuff. I almost tried to go down the Wilton frosting roses path last year cause my kid was obsessed with frosting roses until i realized that SHE didn’t care if they were big blobs. taste good, look interesting? zing! (my judging criteria btw)… any left for our meeting later this week?! wishful thinking!

  6. okay, that’s completely fabulous. sooo jealous!

  7. I’d rather have a sushi cake that tastes good and is wonderfully creative than a pile of frosting, ANY DAY. Of course, I’d rather have a pile of frosting than 80% of whatever else you can name, so this is high praise from me, indeed.

    SO clever.

  8. I’m so impressed with your baking skillz woman! You didn’t win? I’d demand a recount for sure! Love the swedish fish on top. 🙂

  9. sher, it’s gorgeous. i LOVELOVELOVE anything that involves swedish fish. you are super mom!

  10. Love the cake! As an artist and creative cake maker, it is just the kind I appreciate because it has personality without looking sterile. These are the types of cakes your kids will remember – not the mass-produced, pictures of perfection that require no effort. You’re a fun mom!

  11. Looks AMAZING! I would love to try some of that!

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