the letter

Dear Fairfax Hospital Administrator:

Today, my child went to INOVA FFX Hospital for Children. She had both a CT scan and an upper GI. We arrived a little early just because as my child could neither eat nor drink, I thought it best that we just get to the hospital. The people in the CT department were stellar: they got my child in and out right away, including her paperwork for the upper GI, which had to be done through pediatric radiology.

We arrived at about 9:15 in pediatric radiology. We checked in, and my daughter had the pleasure of overhearing the initial woman who greeted us complain to her coworkers about how much she didn’t like working there. That woman left for parts unknown, and another lady took her place, a lady who apparently didn’t get the message that we were there. We sat. We sat. At 10:30, after watching several people get taken before us, I went up to the desk. The woman had no earthly idea we had been there and were waiting. She called the GI folks and explained what I had told her, although she provided misinformation — making it sound like we had just arrived when we had been there for a long time already — and I had to continue to explain to her that we HAD BEEN THERE for NEARLY 90 MINUTES, waiting. Once the GI tech came out, the tech apologized profusely, stating that they HAD BEEN WAITING FOR US FOR A LONG TIME. They had no idea we were waiting.

I think the best part about the experience was how the receptionist broke out a big tub of spaghetti at about 10:15, which was just near the jar of candy in front her her window. My daughter, who had not eaten since 9 pm last night, nearly burst into tears, she was so hungry. In a room where several children may not eat or drink before their tests, how on earth does that demonstrate any sort of empathy for the children in the waiting room?

I actually chose to bring my daughter to Fairfax Hospital for tests, as I was under the impression that FFX specifically knows how to treat children with respect. It actually costs me more to do so. My child — at AGE 9 — has now asked me: HOW COULD YOU TAKE ME THERE? I NEVER WANT TO GO TO FAIRFAX HOSPITAL AGAIN! This is a child who has been to Arlington Hospital as well as other medical facilities. She is quite upset with me and with the entire experience. Frankly, I cannot blame her.

The doctors and the techs we encountered were professional and kind to my child. Pity your administrative staff cannot act accordingly.




8 Responses to “the letter”

  1. you MUST send this letter. I would be pissed, too. wHere do they FIND these people!?

  2. oh, i sent it all right.


    it gets better, too. just got the mail. they sent a pamphlet to us: preparing your child for his CT. sadly, it arrived AFTER the scan.

  3. Aw, poor little girl! Medical admin staff on the whole, I’ve found, really suck. So many of them are awful; jaded, bitter, self-important people who make your life miserable. Ugh. I’d like to know how Fairfax Hospital responds.

  4. I am so sorry your little girl had to suffer through that. Awesome letter though. Can’t wait to hear about the response.

  5. Bluck. So sorry for both of you. What a sucky experience.

  6. Do you need a stamp? You are sending this, aren’t you??

  7. I wonder if the medical-administrative-profession attracts these types or if it changes them into self-important jerks?

    Poor BC. Spaghetti at 10:15 a.m.? It’s like that was calculated to cause the most anguish. Ugh. And there you were, just trying to get her the best care.

  8. I am really sorry to hear that BC needed to have the tests done. If she has GI issues and you want some perspective, email me privately b/c DH is an adult GI doc.

    Not only should you send this letter, but you should print some more copies and hand-deliver them to the hospital administratior, the chief of nursing (boss of the complainer and Pasta Bin Laden), and the head of Peds. Radiology.

    Get your bitch on.

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