guilty pleasure monday: choo choo boogaloo (buckwheat zydeco)

it’s official: i have lost my mind.

and what better day to lose your mind than guilty pleasure monday!

today’s guilty pleasure selection, choo choo boogaloo by buckwheat zydeco, is with us thanks to the fact that i’m a mom. you can’t not love this one, even if it is a kiddy song.

when i first became a parent, i swore up and down that my children would listen to all sorts of music. never would they listen to music that was dumbed-down for children: i wanted my kids to hear the straight dope. why, i even agonized over julian’s first mix CD before he was born. the kids are reared on the classics: the beatles, bruce springsteen, the clash, and that sort of ilk.

when you have a baby, you get all sorts of presents, and some of them are CDs. at least, some of mine were. and i don’t know whether it was hormones or something else, but i actually grew to love some of the music i heard. for example, one compilation, the planet sleeps, has a song i think is absolutely haunting, Chi Mi Na Morbheanna, by canadian band the rankin family. another compilation featured a song i will always love, good night by the roches.

but probably my favorite song from all of these compilations — and i have a few — is choo choo boogaloo. when i hear my kids sing:

well, it’s one for the money
two for the show.
the name of this music is zy-de-co.
three for the singing,
four for the dance.
put on your dancin’ pants!

i simply crack up. the kids have always loved to dance to this one, and it offers both a geography lesson (from lafayette to new orleans we sing!) as well as a genre lesson (the name of this music is zydeco!).

i picture myself at 90, hearing this song and tapping the ground with my toes. or perhaps my walker. we’ll see.

so yes. i like some music that’s really meant for kids. which must mean that i am inherently a kid.

a really big kid.


One Response to “guilty pleasure monday: choo choo boogaloo (buckwheat zydeco)”

  1. Hi Wrekehavoc! I can’t listen to this right now but I will at home with my kids. I picked a deliriously happy post to comment on because I didn’t want to come in and be a bubblehead on a serious and angsty post; I’ll read those later, too.

    Thanks for your nice comment at Foolery, and you’re welcome any time. You asked if there are more stories from my grandmother — that post is the latest in a series entitled The Mormor Stories. I’m writing all of her stories (she typed up all of her oral tradition stories as a gift for us 25 years ago, and I’m “publishing” them, once a week).

    I am bookmarking you — thanks!

    — Laurie @ Foolery

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