the waiting (is the hardest part)

on sunday, the pump that pumps water out of my utility sink in the basement broke. sounds minor except when you stop and realize that this pump pumps the water from the washing machine up and out of the basement. and that would be the only room in the house that actually has professionally installed carpeting.

yeah, you see where this is going.

to make an extraordinary story short, i called a few places to find out estimates for work, as i did laundry and the water is now inhabiting a portion of my basement. (note to self: G-d does NOT want you to do laundry. Ever. Again.) the plumber came out straightaway and installed a new pump so that i am free to do laundry again (yay?). however, i have not yet heard back from one company (chem dry.) and today, a person from service master was supposed to come by and give me an estimate between 11-1. i rushed my kishkes around all morning to make sure i was back by 11. and i have been waiting by the phone, waiting by the door. i wanted to shower, but i was afraid i would not hear the people when they came. i am, to borrow a phrase, a member of the great unwashed.

guess what?

it’s 1:30, and not a peep.

i called service master, and the man who answered the phone will be over my house in 20 minutes. ::fingers crossed:: ::eyes rolling::

maybe i am misguided, but i always believed that when i am about to potentially engage someone in some sort of business experience that will cost me probably a few hundred dollars, the person might actually have the decency to show up when he says he will. if he can’t, i will understand just as long as he calls me and lets me know that he is delayed/can’t make it. it’s called communication.

i still am reeling from the time when i tried to get a plumber to my house. it took three tries…and he never showed. well, i take that back. one time, he showed up … hours past the time when he was supposed to show. at 7pm. PM. as in, Post Mortem.

and this is not the first time something like this has happened.

i am so pissed off that i have wasted the better part of a day. waiting.

on the bright side, one stellar human being, one marvelously amazing lady, brought her dehumidifier over my house last night. this woman is the yin to my yang in hebrew school carpool land; i take her daughter there, she brings my daughter back. she is one of the nicest, kindest, and funniest people i’ve met in the past year. yesterday, she pulled up in her car with her eldest in tow and brought me some yummy chocolate-crunch matza. in passing, i mentioned my basement.

and at 8:30 pm last night, after her various carpooling duties, exercise classes, and mom jobs were through, this saint of a person (who of course is a red sea pedestrian, like i am, so she can’t really be sainted, i think) schlepped over this two billion pound dehumidifier, a machine which as of this cranky typing has already required to be dumped out twice. and things are a bit dryer downstairs.

all because of her.

when passover is done, i am SO baking them a cake. or two.

i just won’t start now, though, cos as i start mixing, i’m sure the service master guy will show.

of course.


4 Responses to “the waiting (is the hardest part)”

  1. Oh, the aggravation. I’ve been there. We once had a cable company not show up for something like 3 consecutive 4-hour window “appointments” after a lightning strike blew out our cable modem. And working with carpenters? Not a pretty endeavor. I could go on…

    Glad your mighty friend came to the rescue with her dehumidifier.

  2. At least you get them on the Phone! I have been trying to get contractors to call me back for different jobs for months before I get even an email! I’m glad things are working out though.

  3. Love the dehumidifier lady rescuing you. Finding a kindred mom is pretty huge in the scheme of things. We have been rolling in burst pipes the last couple weeks. You try not to spend money and BAM! plumbing bills start rolling in. And *only during naptime* — don’t get me started. Hope you all dry out soon.

  4. As a UK Chem Dry Franchise owner can I ask you to complain bitterly preferably in writing to the US master franchise about the Chem Dry company that let you down. He is operating outside of his franchise license terms & conditions & should be “carpeted” & pulled back into line. Why should one bad apple be allowed to pull down the whole network ?

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