friday i’m in love

somedays, a song follows you around for an entire day. and somedays, when you’re really, really lucky, you find out why in the end.

today, friday i’m in love followed me all around. (note to self: they’re preparing a bed for you at bellevue.)

i heard it on the radio around the time when i dropped BC off at school.

i heard it when i set rhapsody on random while i scrubbed the kitchen for the better part of the day. (i found evidence of a mouse yesterday. BS found an actual ex-mouse behind the stove. if that isn’t enough proof to all that i’m a terrible cook, then i just don’t know what. in short: move over, Raid. my cooking kills rodents. dead.)

i swear i even heard it at some point when i was driving BC to get a chest x-ray. or maybe it was just playing in my head, over and over. but i heard it. i know because i started mindlessly singing it:

Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart
Oh, Thursday doesn’t even start
It’s Friday I’m in love

i remembered thinking, why the HELL am i singing this song? it’s not friday; not even close. i’ve spent most of my day cleaning my kitchen, crying because i had to discard some of my children’s artwork (i need to stop collecting every single piece of paper before i drown in it), freaking out wondering when the familia rodentia were next going to pay a visit, going to the doctor for some much needed antibiotics, and shuttling children for x-rays and afterschool classes. not a whole lotta love there to be felt.

in fact, based on my experience thus far, it should be something closer to:

Monday — yay, they found my vein,
Tuesday, Wednesday such a pain
Oh, Thursday won’t hear me complain
It’s Friday I’m on drugs

(yes, the week’s going swimmingly. and yours?)

and then, bedtime. thought i’d made it through the day and that i was safe from robert smith’s gothic clutches. but listen: i hear a tiny little voice:

I don’t care if Monday’s blue
Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too
Thursday I don’t care about you
It’s Friday, I’m in love

it’s jools. somehow in his travels, he heard it, probably on BS’s mp3 player. (sometimes, those two listen to that instead of the radio when they commute together.) there was something so utterly weird and yet so utterly charming listening to a little boy singing those words.

we listened again — this time, on his rockabye baby: the cure CD. maybe looking at the cure might give a kid a nightmare, but somehow, their songs work so beautifully as nighttime treasures. especially, of course, when sung by my little dude.

it’s wednesday. and i’m in love.


6 Responses to “friday i’m in love”

  1. oh, sweet jerehosiphat, that is a wonderful image. I can almost imagine his little voice piping away. EGirl has started singing “I’m just waiting…waiting on the world to change.” But yes, it’s Wednesday and I’m in love (with my lovey kids) too. Your biggest sap of a reader…. Thanks for this one.

  2. Awww, so cute. (your kid, not your rigor mortis vermin)

    Thank all things good our wee ones give us such pure moments to pull us one step back from the ledge of PSYCHO MAMA. (at least, that’s the ledge i quite often dangle on)

  3. Cuuute! I hope you’re feeling better, and that BC’s doctor appt went well.

  4. It’s Friday and I’m IN LOVE with the weather. Why, oh why am I cooped up inside?!?!?

  5. Must. Get. That. CD.

    And a sweet counterpart to your other post, where you were missing Jools a bunch. The Cure, man, cures all!

  6. notdancingqueen Says:

    if you are making up lyrics again, you need to share some of your old stash, like your version of barney and some of the other old faves… 🙂

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