guilty pleasure monday: stuck in the middle with you (stealers wheel)

i’m stuck in the middle of the 1970s in guilty pleasure mondayville. there is SO MUCH fodder from the 1970s that i could cite. i may cite it all yet. (i’m sure you can’t wait.)

in fact, i should probably nominate my brother larry to write a guest column for guilty pleasure mondays. there is no one else who likes really awful 1970s music more. (yes, if there were a museum for bad 1970s music, he’d be the master curator — only he likes most of it.) and besides, y’all need to meet larry. he is the smartest, funniest, and nicest one of we three kids.

now that i think of it, it may even become my mission to make His Laziness Mr. Attila the Hun my beloved middle brother contribute a guilty pleasure one day, if only because it will give me hours of fun. and a day off 😉

in the meantime, i bring you a song i absolutely adore and have done since i first heard it on my friend jeanne’s jukebox: stuck in the middle with you by stealers wheel. i actually had two friends who had jukeboxes in their basements; but as i spent a lot more time in jeanne’s basement, i had a much greater familiarity with her jukebox, filled with lots of 1970s hits — as it was the 1970s at the time — and, much to jeanne’s chagrin, her ballet recital record. yes, a parent in that house had a good sense of humor and stuck the 45 (remember those?) in the last jukebox slot. whenever i wanted to piss jeanne off, i would press it. she’d go spare.

but i digress. per usual.

i don’t think much else happened to this UK band after this hit, which has been covered by at least one jillion different groups; but a few years later, the lead singer, gerry rafferty, ended up with a few hits of his own; but this early 70s group put out a song with an unforgettable guitar riff… so unforgettable that sheryl crow stole it in all i wanna do. (lucky for my girl sheryl, i love that song. and considering her brilliant choice in first names — spelled correctly, no less — it is difficult for me to get too annoyed by the creative ripoff. instead, i will consider it an homage to this earlier work.)

but why, why, WHY did quentin tarantino have to go and ruin it all by using it in a lighthearted scene in that fun, rascally romp known as reservoir dogs?

yeah. i’m definitely asking larry to write a column. i need the time to get certain images out of my brain.


6 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: stuck in the middle with you (stealers wheel)”

  1. The image, perhaps, of an ear? Thanks, now I have it too…

  2. Oh, I love that song. Pleee-eee-eee-eee-eee-eeease. Thanks for that mental worm that’ll stick with me for the day.

    Speaking of worms…lead singing dude is wearing quite the junk revealing pants, especially there in the opening scene.

  3. jill — yes. the ear. in a word: ick.

    and otc: did men pay any attention to their clothing in the 1970s and what they were projecting? (oh yeah. bad pun there.) i suspect they were too stoned in the music world to have noticed.

  4. Can you say, 70’s attempt to copy the sound of The Beatles?

    Nice track. I haven’t heard that song in many many years!

  5. What an educational post! I didn’t know any of this. My music remembrances from the 70s are mostly Doobie Brothers. and maybe Steve Miller Band. but I’d think of more if I start (start thinking, that is) so maybe best that I don’t…

  6. […] that for role reversal?) my mp3 player, as noted in other places, is somewhat eclectic. but one of my favorite guilty pleasures came on, and suddenly, little miss backseat driver yells, turn it […]

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