bungle in the jungle

BS has returned! the bat is gone! all’s right with our little world! alert the media! and yet here i am, still focusing on wildlife. go figure.

we have been steve irwin fans since i-dunno-when. BS and i called him dingo boy; and we loved to watch him chase animals all over the place.  i especially remember whenever his wife terri entered the picture.  when i was pregnant with BC back in 1998, she was pregnant with bindi. we used to hoot and howl whenever clueless steve would put terri’s life in danger, asking her to do things tough for a normal person, let alone a person in the family way: c’mon ter, let’s scale this cliff and make our way down into the [insert scary, dangerous animal type here]-infested area! yep. the only scale i was near was the OBGYN’s at that point; and the only danger i would consider putting myself into was fighting someone at the supermarket for the last pint of chubby hubby.

i loved the fact that the irwin’s two kids were the same ages as mine.  and i was wildly astonished by the poise with which bindi spoke at her dad’s funeral. she is an articulate young lady with an apparent passion for animals, though there are times on her kid’s show that she seems like she might be turning into some sort of hyper-energetic, disney-fied being. i love this family, and i really want to root for them.

that’s why i am so sad to read about bob irwin, steve’s dad, leaving the australia zoo.  bob, as you might know, is the actual founder of the australia zoo. he not only has lost his son, steve, but i believe he has also lost his first wife. terri denies any sort of family feud, but you have to wonder what exactly would make a man walk away from something he built up from nothing, especially in a time when terri is being sued. there are reports that terri is trying to make the zoo a disney-like destination, with hotels and spas. while several media outlets were willing to pay him for an exclusive interview, bob chose to give his one and only interview, for free, to the aussie ABC. it’s all so strange and somewhat suspicious.

another thing i wonder about: there’s an awful lot of attention on bindi. the girl is clearly being groomed to follow in her father’s footsteps. you have to wonder whether she is missing out on a regular childhood, complete with opportunities to explore other interests. who knows: she could be the next best painter, brain surgeon, poet. i’m sure there’s a certain internal pressure at work here — the good and obedient child wants to do whatever she can do to honor her father’s legacy. but at what cost to herself?

oh, and what about bob? you know, the little four-year-old dude? with all the attention paid to his sister, what does that mean for him? does he absolutely hate his sister? is he jealous?

i hate to watch families implode.  especially this one.


3 Responses to “bungle in the jungle”

  1. Wreke – I am so with you on this one. I’ve got a book on the zoo, a hat from it and I watched it religiously. I cried when he died and ached for Terri and the children. Since then….I have felt the same way as you as far as the direction their lives have gone.

  2. It must be hard to be a child celebrity, and I do feel for these children. It is situations like this and what is happening to other “tween” stars that make me think twice about letting my kids watch their tv shows and listen to their music. I am thankful that my kids were too young to become Britteny Spears fans. They do like Hannah Montana and we try to be careful about their exposure there.

    I wonder what your kids make of all of this stuff with the Irwins (if they are aware of any of it)?

  3. It will be an interesting story to develop indeed. I too felt such a loss when he died. I can’t imagine what difficulties they have faced, and couldn’t speculate if I’d do things any better. I can only hope for the best.

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