can’t buy me love

eliot spitzer’s recent alleged dalliance with high-priced prostitutes is just one more disappointment in the world of male leaders, but not a surprise. whether you’re bill clinton with an intern in the oval office, wilbur mills with a stripper in the tidal basin, newt gingrich divorcing his wife by her hospital bedside, or even jim bakker with a church secretary G-d-knows-where, men in power have an abysmal history of being infantile idiots who think they can’t get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, democrats and republicans alike. i even remember rumors of george bush senior having a certain special someone; somehow, that didn’t get much press, though. (wonder why?) it isn’t just politicians, as i pointed out above; it’s just that we hear mostly about the politicians when they’re in trouble. the opposing party of the problem child makes good and well sure of that.

i often joke that living in washington, dc, is like living in the land of former high school student council presidents. smart, nerdy and shrewd, they couldn’t land the cheerleaders in high school. so they come here, and they land usually-smart girls who appreciate a smart guy. only, too bad for the women, since the guys, finally landing a date (or a lay), see that there are other mountains to conquer (so to speak.) they can’t help themselves: they feel like they finally are getting their day in the sun.

unfortunately, they look for this day in the sun after they’ve put a ring on someone else’s finger. cos they’re all about doing the right thing. or having the right image, anyway.

so why would someone with a reputation for corruption-fighting go and throw it all away? what does $5,500 an hour buy?  it buys cachet: the i got ice cream, you can’t have it effect (mature language for those listening at work).  the same guy who didn’t have a date for the prom, the same guy who didn’t get laid until he was in his 20s, the same guy who probably got beat up one too many times for being a dweeb — now he can have things those morons back home can’t have.

unfortunately, spitzer went beyond the immoral — he went illegal. frankly, i don’t care what politicians do in their personal lives, as long as they don’t break the law.  but he did.

i wonder sometimes whether women in power do these similar things. are they tempered by their experiences so that they don’t want to be bothered with extracurricular activities? are they too intelligent or moral for that? or are they smart enough not to get caught with their trousers down?

i know i ought not be surprised by this latest info. but i am still very, very disappointed. calling spitzers literary agent — time for spitzer’s political memoirs: smart men, stupid choices.


9 Responses to “can’t buy me love”

  1. I love, Love, LOVE that Eddie Murphy bit. Did you know it was filmed at DAR Constitution Hall back in the 1980s???

    Spitzer — don’t get me started. That holier-than-thou, law-and-order, anti-big-business crusader wasn’t so smart after all. You would think he’d be smart enough to bury those transactions so deep (and offshore) that no one would ever find out. Stupid idiot: it all started with too many near-$10,000 transactions tipping off the IRS to something funny. Another smart man thinking with the little head and not the big one.

    If Silda does the Hillary dance, “Stand By Your Man,” I’m going to puke.

  2. I tend to agree with you about Spitzer. He cant break the law and having spent much of his career fighting this kind of stuff, it is just horrible.

  3. Luckily, my posts today are more benign.

    (sorry for the cheap plug, but new blog needs new readers!)

  4. alto — YES! i quote the eddie murphy bit ALL THE TIME (the clean part — the “i got ice cream” etc part). didn’t know about the DAR tidbit! so sad about his life lately, too. just another guy thinking with the wrong bodypart. what is UP with these guys?

    and part of my disappointment lies exactly where you put it: if these guys are SO DAMN SMART, then why don’t they have the sense to know how to COVER THEIR TRACKS? geez louISE, what kind of moron doesn’t expect $10k expenditures to get dug up, especially someone as high profile as the governor of the freaking state of new york?? ARRRRGGH ::smacking head against wall:: don’t they teach that sort of cleverness in law school? (i don’t know — i only lasted a month or two. i knew i would never make it through torts 😉

    and mykidsdad — no worries, though if you want to lead people to your blog, you ought to change your link when you provide comments directly to your blog — right now, it goes to your main website, which has no link to your blog 🙂

  5. Love your analysis of the high school geeks in power. And, seriously, I actually want to KNOW what $5K an hour looks like! A commenter over at Derfwad Manor (hilarious blog btw) noted that his wife is probably tallying on her calculator about now — ok, 1600 rolls in the hay times $5K is…

  6. I think you’re on to something with your analysis of Spitzer as finally wanting to get his “ice cream.” I’d add that maybe it’s a mid-life crisis-y thing too? My theory is that men are incapable of registering time passing, but when they look at wifey’s haggard, lined face from too much worrying about kiddoos/up with fevered kids/doing umpteen billion things at once, it’s like looking in a scary mirror. The delicate menfolks get horrified and must face up to the fact that they too are aging. So what do they do? Get a younger, more nubile mirror to gaze into.

    Anyway, I’m definitely in the “Stand up there your damn self without me” camp. But hey, Silda Wall has to live it, so hope she’s good with her own decision.

  7. You know? I hadn’t considered the high school flashback scene but you’re absolutely right!! These guys couldn’t get any even if they paid for it.

    I truly feel bad for the families left to pick up the pieces that these putzes leave behind.

  8. I am disappointed and disgusted by yet another public servant behaving immorally and, in this case, illegally. But I do not understand why so many people voice their confusion about and/or disdain for Silda standing next to her husband at these press conferences. We don’t know what’s going on in the Spitzer household, or in Silda’s heart and mind, and her appearance at the press conference does not give us any great insight into those things. But I do know this: she is a mother, and once that happens, your life decisions are no longer about you. I applaud her for standing with him during his press conferences. I imagine it was extremely hard for her, but perhaps she’s trying to teach her daughters that families stand by each other in a crisis, even when that crisis was caused by one of their own. Marriage is a commitment, a promise to be kept for better or worse. He broke his vows, but that doesn’t mean she should break hers by giving up on their marriage. The decision to give up can only come after trying to heal, trying to repair the broken pieces. I understand that our first instinct is to run or retaliate when we are hurt, but if people would just think about it for a minute more, they should realize that acting that way usually cuts off our noses to spite our faces, leaving us more hurt than when we started.

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