guilty pleasure monday: the music from Hair

yesterday, it was my birthday. i hung one more year on the line. i should be depressed; my life’s a mess. but i’m having a good time. – Paul Simon

okay, not too depressed, especially since it’s:

guilty pleasure monday!

anybody still with me out there?

cool. since i’m reflecting on my younger years, i thought i’d drop this heavy trip on you, you dig? groovy.

when i was a little kid, i used to listen to hair incessantly. and yes, i danced around the living room and the basement, just like this little kid is doing. i wanted to let my sun shine in, i wanted to let my freak flag fly, i wanted to understand what the hell these people were doing and whether their parents knew. (i was 4 when this came out, people. remember, i was a rather messed-up precocious child.)

a long time ago, i ranted about how much i hated the movie version of hair and how my parents let me run around the house singing a song with nasty, awful words i’ve declined to put in the blog because: a) i get enough weird search referrals, and b) if i did, one day, my kids — probably hellboy — will do a search to find all the naughty words on earth — and he’ll find them here in his mama’s blog? and need lots of therapy? thank you, no.

i don’t need to rewrite the tale; all i can say is that if someone threatened to barrage me with showtunes while i drove cross-country, i’d probably be ok with that if the show was hair.

(it’s my birthday. or at least it was. so indulge me, please.)


5 Responses to “guilty pleasure monday: the music from Hair”

  1. Happy HAPPY Birthday! Celebrate any way you want to.

  2. thanks so much 🙂

  3. The happiest of birthdays to you! You look so amazing for 28….:-)

  4. I had to chime in on this, albeit late. I was exposed to the movie soundtrack first, so that was the music that I latched on to. And boy did I wear that cassette out. I’m not sure I understood — actually I am quite sure that I didn’t know what half of it meant at the time, but I knew every word of most of those contagious songs. Thanks for reminding me — think I’m going to hunt for the CD now…

  5. Road trip time!! I’d play that AND JC Superstar…same era.

    Happy belated B-day!! 😉

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