older woman

the only reasons i didn’t smack the person who sent this to me are:

1) she’s in austin– my arms are too short;

2) can’t be mad at someone who remembers the bugaloos; and,

3) as she, my oldest friend in the whole world — since age 3 — is older than i am.


5 Responses to “older woman”

  1. Holy crap, that was hilarious!! And, I’m not familiar with the bugaloos, were they actually singing “older woman?” She does make a deal of counting all her candles despite looking, oh, 17?

    Happy birthday addendum, wreke!

  2. I remember the bugaloos! Happy Birthday!

  3. Wow. I know you’re off getting poked right now (and not the fun poke…sorry, couldn’t resist). But, you must go out with the D.C. gals soon and promise me you’ll wear that pink fairy get-up. Older woman. 😉

  4. why of course that’s me in the pink suit. i break it out when i’m playing the tooth fairy as well as the toilet paper fairy.


    and yes, they are really singing. and double yes, i am really old enough to remember that show. barely 😉

  5. Oh hell, I remember the bugaloos too. That’s a sign of age? I thought it meant I was super cool (ha!)

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