sad day

it could always be waaay worse, i know; but today is just sort of a sad day while we await some sort of monsoon here in the People’s Republic. i usually hang with my little hellboy on tuesdays, but due to some pediatric scheduling joys, i need to take BC to the doctor’s today for her well-child checkup. her birthday is in december; but between the wait, the apparent need to schedule the checkup after the previous year’s checkup; and some sloth on my part; she’s not getting her checkup until today.

(i suspect we’ll loop back to december appointments by the time she is 18. thank you, blue cross.)

taking them both to the doctor’s simultaneously is a disaster. last week, we did it when jools had a doctor’s appointment right after BC was done with school for the day. another child in his class had impetigo, and it started around her mouth. the teachers, wanting to prevent a wild outbreak (today, impetigo. tomorrow, SARS.), sent him home as a precaution, as the dude has dry cracked lips. guess what? the pediatrician agreed with my assessment. as i had a doctor’s appt that day (which resulted in my whisking myself downtown to his school, then whisking back to mclean (motto: mclean; maclean; mcClean. who the hell knows how to spell our name?)), the dude ended up joining me at my doctor’s office. my doctor took one look at jools and said: this child has dry, cracked lips.

but at the pediatrician’s office, the mecca from which we receive all notes permitting our school entrance (and which i actually like, by the way), we waited for a little over an hour before we saw the doctor. in that time, my kids:

  • pulled the exam table paper out a little too much (and nearly pushed each other off the table, which, i suppose isn’t a bad thing. i mean, hell, we’re in a doctor’s office — what better place to get a concussion!);
  • tried to take the antimicrobial hand crap and practically bathe in it;
  • played 52 pick-up with the books and magazines beneath the exam table;
  • rolled each other around in the doctor’s chair like monstertrucks;
  • and generally annoyed the living shit out of me.

okay, okay. they’re just typical kids. and i was a typical mom with a typical i just drove through rush hour traffic for a 5:00 appointment, and now i get to drive through rush hour traffic at 6 to get home headache. but i just couldn’t bear a repeat today.

so the dude abides his time at preschool today. he’s probably cursing me and being traumatized to the extent that he will need therapy later because his mom didn’t apparently love him enough to keep him home today.

so of course, i feel guilt. i miss that little guy. just add it to the list of reasons why i suck as a mom.

and, to top it all off, sunday is my birthday. and i’ll even lose an hour of my fucking birthday, thanks to daylight savings. it’s all a conspiracy, i tell you.

i want my damn hour back, thank you very much.


9 Responses to “sad day”

  1. Remember when Daylight Savings started in the end of April? Passover Seders never started too late (although it seems that there usually was a USY dance that Saturday night).

  2. DUUUUDE! What are you doing Sunday? Let’s party.

  3. Thanks to this early DST change, for the second year in a row I will be flying out of town to the annual software conference for work on the day the clocks change. last year it was to Orlando essentially on a red eye and it sucked monkey balls that I lost an hour traveling through all those time zones. This year at least it is only to Vegas with no time zone change, but still, I want that hour too!!

    Kids always seem to know when mom is at the end of her rope – then they turn up the annoyance factor ten-fold. Little boogers.

  4. aaaaaaighhh i hate daylight savings, i knew it was coming up but was blocking it out. and, i think pediatrician’s office actually *are* purgatory. hope your birthday rocks!

  5. Oh my…it’s Daylight Savings Time again?? See how much I learn by blogging? Happy Birthday this weekend, lovely lady. I’ll be out of commission for a few days but will be back in to check on the whole SARS or bird flu scare. πŸ˜‰

  6. thanks all for the b-day wishes πŸ™‚

  7. I’m up for anything on Sunday, too! Just as long as it’s not at my house. Let’s go out!!

  8. talk to BS. i have no earthly idea what his plans are for sunday (home depot? the mulch pile? poker?) πŸ™‚

  9. you’re a great mom, don’t be silly. does bribery not work with the munchkins anymore? “if you guys behave yourselves, you can have frozen yogurt/new toy/watch an extra hour of tv this weekend…” but, they’re pretty damn smart, so they’d probably figure it out. πŸ˜‰

    fwiw, i want my hour back too. hell, i want all of 2007 back.

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