election day


i guess i don’t have to lecture anyone in the greater chesapeake area (this means everyone — from the Deliverance parts of the commonwealth, the amazingly democratic district of columbia, and even the farthest mountain reaches of maryland) to vote this election day.

i just returned from my polling place, and i can state with no doubt that i have never, ever seen my polling place this crazy (except for the 2004 presidential election.) i specifically went at a non-rush hour time, and yet the line snaked around about 5 times. it didn’t help that school was in session, and parents — like me — were racing to get their children in school amidst no parking and narrow streets crammed with busses and extra cars. in short: dogs and cats. living together. mass hysteria. the voting officials could have done with an amplifier; they’re surely earning their $85 today.

and in VA, people don’t register as democrats or republicans or independents. they just vote. so there was one loooooong line of everyone waiting to choose which party they wanted to vote for that day (i often wonder about the people who wake up and decide to try out life as voters of a particular party that particular day to see how the other half votes) and then move on to the electronic voting box of joy. i approached it with some trepidation; i literally didn’t know who i was voting for up until the moment walked up with my blue democratic ticket and cast my ballot.

but i voted. i won’t reveal how i voted in this space, as according to a mom who i’ve never met, i have the power to move mountains, to influence thousands of moms in the greater DC area, and apparently to control the universe. maybe not in that order. and as i want to use my powers responsibly, i will keep mum, only announcing: hooray for peter pumpkinhead!

(just let me know when you want to buy a shirt that says: WHAT WOULD WREKE DO, and i’ll get one ready for your wearing pleasure. 😉

seriously though, i just hope whoever wins takes the other one as a veep. it’s such an embarrassment of riches, you know.


10 Responses to “election day”

  1. WWWD (what would wreke do, smile)? I am so excited to go wake the babe to vote!! Embarassment of riches INDEED. Yahoo…..

  2. WWWD (what would wreke do, smile)? I am so excited to go wake the babe to vote!! Embarassment of riches INDEED. Yahoo…..

  3. go vote, kiddo! vote early and often 🙂

  4. No, no, no! The t-shirt should read “i wreke havoc. do you?”

  5. Damn, Wreke. I’m on the fence and was looking for a good persuasive argument from you today. Oh, how you disappoint. I will vote, I will, I will…

  6. sorry, elaine. i’m happy to talk about why i voted the way i voted IRL, but i’m just not going there on ye olde blog 😉

    whoever you pick will be good, i’m sure. (as long as it isn’t huckabee 😉

  7. I only figured out who I was voting for this morning, based actually on two things: one comment in particular on my blog, and the fact that my daughter wants me to vote for the girl. Can do!

    Yes, I can respect any vote except for a vote for Huckabee.

  8. this has been a toughie, hasn’t it?? i didn’t make a decision until literally pushing the button. i’ve never had that experience before.

  9. back in your home state we voted on the 5th and I can tell you I did not know until I was in the booth who I was going to vote for. But one thing I can say with some measure of certainty, is that neither will be the other’s vp candidate. If Hillary wins it will likely be Richardson and if Barack (a nice Hebrew name by the way) wins, I would guess maybe John Edwards.

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