strange brew

my musically-inclined friend philfree tagged me with a meme: six random habits or quirks about me. i tend to be quirky by definition, so its just sooooo hard to pick six without someone attempting to have me commited. but i’ll try.

1) i am right handed. i bat lefty. this is due to some tomfoolery, courtesy of my two older brothers. (thanks a lot, guys.)
2) i like to wear black. a lot. BC always asks me to break out of my fashion rut. but i say, hey, it’s easy to match when all you wear is black. it’s slimming, it’s fashionable in that bored new yorker sort of way. and it’s what i do. when you see me wearing pink and white, it’s probably best to head for the hills. i’m having a breakdown.
3) i watched I Love the 80s while in labor with jools. it just seemed like the thing to do at the time. i made it all the way up to the 1987 episode before the dude decided to appear. i still have yet to watch 1988 and 1989. not that those years mattered much.

4) during 8th grade, i served as the disk jockey for the disco club at school. yes, kids, while i quietly seethed because i would have preferred listening to the police (a band none of my friends had heard of in 1979), i spun classics like we are family, le freak and of course, everything from saturday night fever that i could hardly stomach. (in other words, more bee gees than human beings ought to be allowed to experience in one year.) yep. all that while having to watch my intermediate school french teacher waddle around on calves the size of wisconsin, teaching kids how to do the hustle. yep. good. times.

5) i love chocolate and consider it an important part of my training table. i love dark chocolate best, especially the 85% cocoa or the type with cacao nibs. it may be too bitter for other people, but i eat it. i like to pretend i am eating it for the flavenoids. chocolate = health food! (a girl can dream.)

6) sometimes, when i am driving by the perfectly-coiffed, perfectly-perfect moms at my daughter’s school, i will dig up some ramones or black flag or dead kennedys, roll down the window, and blast it.

i. am. that. juvenile.


mamma mia





13 Responses to “strange brew”

  1. Yay for 85% Cocoa! And the only way to play the Ramones in the car is to roll down the window and blast it! I’d love to see the mommy’s faces!

  2. #2: Wait, is that odd? While I might occasionally wear something pink (but more likely brown) to offset my black outfit, I don’t know if I even own anything that’s white, except band t-shirts.

  3. As to number 6 – equally guilty. I’ve actually started building a playlist around what songs have the maximum shock value without actually being offensive.

  4. #6 right on. i hope i can do that too but it will have to be while the kids are not in the car cuz they don’t share my tastes….yet.

  5. misquote — share the playlist 😉

    kellyo – i don’t think it’s odd, but some people around me do. i still remember my grandfather yelling at me — “sheri — you look like you’re going to a funeral!”

    todd — this is how they learn to appreciate other music. you should have heard BC this morning, alternating between some hannah montana tune and “rehab”. yep. rehab goes over r e a l l y well in the 3rd grade.

    and phil — everything goes with chocolate 🙂

  6. Wait, clothing comes in colors other than black? Wha?

  7. MMMMM…..dark chocolate….mmmmmmmm (wiping drool)

    I love to blast AC/DC in similar situations 😉

  8. Oh…I had the luxury of having a couple older sisters who had the forethought to introduce me to the Police at an early age.

    Good meme…Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  9. You are SOOO ungreatful! 🙂 We taught you to bat lefty as a gift… the same way we taught you to play monopoly, mow the lawn, wash the car, rebound our foul shots etc etc…

  10. yeah. and i never said thank you.

    two words, bro:

    caramel bullets.


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