well, we all need someone we can lean on. but if you’re addicted to meth or booze or something else equally enticing, stay the hell away from me.

the other night, while BS was out of town and the kiddies were in bed, i was attempting to sleep. only, too bad for me. i never sleep when i’m the sole responsible parent in the house. so i started channel surfing, something i don’t do all that often, thanks to my friend mr TIVO. and i ended up riveted, in a macabre sort of way, to a TV show called intervention. i watched as a former track star named john cavorted (in that junkie slo-mo way of cavorting) around the screen. all through his life, his parents apparently made him the shining star, ignoring his brother and sister while supporting his athletic dreams. sadly, an injury dashed them all. after that sort of buildup, where do you go in life?

apparently, to ‘shrooms, booze, and other fun hallucinogens. john, so enveloped by his fantasy life, believes he’s a famous DJ named Dr. Doom (only no one will hire him because he’s a bit of a violent sort). he agrees to this interview, like the others, because he is told he is taking part in a documentary about addiction. they use this excuse apparently with all the addicts — that they are participating in a documentary about addiction — and i wondered at first whether people would start to catch on. hey, they’d think, i know its not a documentary — it’s intervention! but then, when i look at people like this, i realize that they don’t really have the wherewithall to know. in fact, i suspect they’re too busy scoring or using to watch TV. not that TV is so wonderful, of course — it’s a different kind of addiction.

but i digress.

after watching the addict basically humiliate himself on TV, with the dream nonlife and the parasitic hangers-on (are their parents watching? hellooo?), the intervention guy and the tearful family join together to get the addict to commit to rehab. hopefully, he doesn’t say no, no, no like amy winehouse. and then you find out that the person is hopefully not dead.

now, i like reality TV like the next person, and this is compelling drama. but i feel incredibly uneasy watching someone in the throes of an illness. yes, they’re out of their heads. let’s film it. it’s great TV. i wonder at times whether producers have gone too far. when people choose to humiliate themselves, it’s one thing. but addicts are not really in a position to make any decisions beyond do i wake up today, and even that’s a toughie.

yes, i was fascinated. but am i entitled to watch someone else’s private hell?


3 Responses to “rehab”

  1. OMG, i LOVE intervention. It’s seriously ‘addictive’. It used to be on Sunday nights, and I watched it faithfully every week! Love it!

  2. Entitled or not, I am addicted to Intervention, as is my whole family. I joke that if my kids ever get into drugs we’ll never get help from A & E, ’cause the kid will be going “Wait a minute . . . documentary on addiction?! I bet you’re from Intervention & my mom sent you.” Best to not get started, I advise them.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I’ve only ever seen commercials for the show, but I wondered about the premise. If you’re wanting some further guilty pleasure (and find that you can’t sleep between 1-2am) you mighe check out “Cheaters”. This is Jerry Springer on wheels. They spy on people who cheat in relationships and then film the “confrontation”.

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