tuesday afternoon

we don’t vote until next tuesday here in the magical commonwealth of oz. by then, i expect it will be all over except for the shouting, as today, 24 states are in play for the presidential primary vote. SUPER TUESDAY! TSUNAMI TUESDAY! WAHOO! seriously, i wonder why VA didn’t join the ecstatic fray on this day. it sort of makes us into a strange little unnecessary postscript: sorry, folks. we didn’t really need YOUR vote. go about your business. nothing to see here.

when i was younger, it was so much easier to feel one way or another about a candidate. i mean, when i was REALLY small, it was quite easy to vote for anyone except for richard nixon. (of course, they didn’t ask me, a snarky 7 year old at the time, for my electoral opinions, though my next-door-neighbor at the time, who had NIXON stickers plastered all over her camper, nearly swatted me every time i went on an anti-nixon tirade.)

it was even a piece of cake to vote against ronald reagan in my first presidential election (1984), though history shows that my vote, once again, meant precious little. i had an internship at the ABC affiliate in miami then, and i was running the results to the anchors that night. i stood there with the ticker — yes, kids, this was long before the internet, and we received the latest on little pieces of paper — and trembled when i read the election was being called a little after 8 that night, long before the west coast had even closed. i didn’t want to bring the anchors the results: miami doesn’t have to know!, i thought. but in the end, i did my job, sad as it was.

now, it seems more complicated to me. on the one hand, whoever gets elected will inherit a thankless foreign policy disaster and economic nightmares on the horizon. who the hell wants to be saddled with that? and if you care only about party affiliation, then you’d say that it might be a great idea to vote for the opposing party, if only to see them riddled with angst when the time comes to make things better. they’ll get heaped with blame, even if they didn’t start the proverbial fire.

but i have children now. and i have to worry about the world they’ll inherit. i have to think about who i believe will actually take steps to get us out of the international morass and who might help them have an actual future.  it is quite a bit more daunting than provoking that old next-door-neighbor. the worst that would have come of that is her slamming her camper door in my face. but the worst that could come of electing a leader who could turn the country into a shambles?

wait, hasn’t that already happened?

so things have to look up. things have to get better. and so, i’ll cast my absurd vote NEXT tuesday.  and next november. my vote might be useless — as it was in the past two elections — but it’s my teeny tiny stand in the world for my kids.

and yours 🙂


9 Responses to “tuesday afternoon”

  1. Maryland doesn’t vote until next Tuesday, too. In a way I’m a little glad, because I’m flummoxed by who to vote for.

    I think it’s Obama, though.

  2. Hey – do not despair! For the Democrats, today will not decide things! The later states ARE in play and will have an impact. The GOP race could be over if McCain wins enough delegates, but no matter how they slice it for the Dems, neither one can clinch it today.

  3. I agree with tpgoddess. I think that both Democrats will win states and there wont be a leader tomorrow. So next week will mean something. And lets pray hard that our votes in November are not useless!

  4. you guys are right. there has never been a question as to whether or not i’d vote; i just sometimes feel a loss of efficacy in the whole matter. but i’l be there.

    now, i just have to decide for whom 😉

  5. Florida voted last week, and our delegates aren’t worth the gum stuck to the bottom of their shoes. Why? BECAUSE OUR VOTES DON’T COUNT. OK, so your Commonwealth is a little slow on the uptake, at least your vote will count and your voice will be heard. Excuse me while I go scream in my pillow (again).

  6. couldn’t have said it better myself…. 🙂 ‘cuz i too, usually vote, but for what?

  7. oh and i just heard this on the news… 700 people in this magical commonwealth of oz thought they could vote today and actually went to the polling places and called to ask why the plling places were closed…

  8. Wreke,
    Not to worry, it’s gonna be a tight race in every state–delegates are up for grabs. I understand the electoral college nil and delegate distribution even less, but for once it feels like the Dems have good choices to offer and either Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama works for me, at least. Why not a ticket of both/and?

    I’m heartened that voter turnout is up, that people seem engaged and excited and motivated again to vote. Bless those poor befuddled people in your neck of the woods who tried to vote on Super Tuesday. As long as they weren’t Huckabee supporters, I mean. 🙂 In which case, tell them they’ve lost their only chance! :O

  9. and of course, you’ve got me pegged as a huckabee supporter, right? 😉

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