before i get to today’s topic: because this week has been a bit crazy, it’s time to slow down and watch otters holding hands. (awww. you’re the shmoopie!)

sorry. i saw one too many blogs this week where the bloggers allow their pets to post. i lovelovelove animals like the next person, but seriously? i nearly hurled each time.

so, now that we’ve all chilled to nature’s calming, Hallmarkian, and emetic ways…

BC is trying to create a new style craze (how new it is i ponder, but anyway) by wearing a different, unmatched sock on each foot. it’s a royal pain in the patoot come laundry day (when i have to guess whether i need to look for a pair or just one-of-a-kind), but if this is the worst fashion rebellion we’re working on at the moment, i’m okay with that. so far, none of her little 3rd grade buddies has made fun of her for it, so i guess it will continue for the foreseeable future.

i’m waiting for the next round of but so-and-so’s mother lets her wear makeup/belly-baring-shirts/etc.
i’m a mean mom (remember?), so i don’t really care what other moms are doing. and it’s not like i make her walk around with her entire body covered. but i just don’t think she’s ready to send a more grownup message to the world yet, with all that entails.

so i can absolutely live with the mismatched socks. hell, she can have mine, if she wants.


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