breaking the girl

it has happened yet again. BC loves to go over her buddy ella’s house to play. apparently, it is more fun to go there than for them to come here. why? because ella has a dog. they spend a lot of time playing with the dog, which, for animal-loving BC, is heaven on earth.

BC (AKA the girl who would be a vet) has asked for a dog at least one hundred zillion times. unfortunately, the answer is always the same: i’m allergic. i love animals, too; but when i get allergic reactions to pets, i have trouble breathing. when i have trouble breathing, i often end up with an infection. and the rest, as they say, is history. i do fine visiting most pet people’s houses (unless they have massive animal hair covering everything), but i draw the line at living with a shedder. to her credit, BC has pointed out that there are animal breeds that work better for the allergy sufferers of the world. that well may be, but i have enough health issues to warrant my not adding yet another potential source of joy.

so today, i had to tell her for the umpteenth time: no dog. she was getting a little frustrated with me. the feeling was mutual; and finally, blearyteary-eyed, i said to her: do you really think i feel great about not being able to do certain things because of something i can’t control?

don’t you start crying again, mama. i think she was trying to make me laugh. it didn’t work too well. it’s hard to explain to your child why she can’t have a dog; why she needs a flu shot; why all sorts of things just are, simply because your mom is built the way she’s built: goofy in the mind department and not exactly perfect in the health department.



3 Responses to “breaking the girl”

  1. But you’re still perfectly delightful!

  2. thanks 🙂 today is pity party day. well, pity party day for january. and once it’s done, it’s done for the month. wheee!

  3. I’m totally with you, Wreke. As one who is also allergic, I also will never be providing a shedding pet for my household. But, to take it a bit further than you might: maybe it’s because of my allergy, but I think the wet-nose, slobbery-tongue-licking, jumping-up-with-dirty-clawed-paws is all pretty gross. If I don’t wash with soap immediately afterward, I break out in hives & if I don’t take some Allegra, I’m sneezing and congested the whole time.

    At least BC does have friends with pets.

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