happy holidays!

bloggermoms unite

from nylonthread, wrekehavoc, and kellyo 🙂

mommy bloggers (or whatever the hell we’re called these days) extraordinare.


5 Responses to “happy holidays!”

  1. Thanks for having us! Best. Xmas eve. Ever. (And again, sorry for grabbing your ass.)

  2. […] mentioned the D.C. blogging mamas I infiltrated during NaBloPoMo. Wrekehavoc posted a recent pic (and I hope you mind my linking to it, wreke) of the powerhouse get-together of wrekehavoc herself, […]

  3. Yay-Hoo! We had a fantabulous time!!! Sorry about forgetting the electro-knife.

  4. Alright…So Kelly is sorry about grabbing your ass and Nylon is sorry about the electro knife. At least no one grabbed your ass WITH the electro-knife. 😉

    Great pic!!

  5. my ass is so big, even if someone did grab it with the knife, it probably would have only been an improvement 😉

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