thank you, mr. hoffa

tonight, as we started the joy known as wrapping the presents, BS discovered one of the two missing chanukah presents — HIS chanukah presents. the ones i somehow misplaced and which i have been obsessing over for the past two, maybe three weeks. fortunately, the one he discovered was still in it’s sturdy cardboard. clearly, it wasn’t a basketball, but still, he doesn’t know precisely what particular rectangular object it would be. strangely, it was right there in front of the washing machine, a place where i genuflect several times a week, prostrate to the laundry gods. how i missed it i cannot even begin to guess.

but still, gift number two was M.I.A. i knew i had held them together when i had last seen them, so there was no way on Dog’s green earth that it was missing. so when some of the presents had cleared, i did the unthinkable — i climbed to the dusty side of the dryer. and there, for reasons i cannot fathom, was gift #2. BS claims he didn’t look cos he didn’t know that was a present. i believe him.

damn that jimmy hoffa. guess he was done with them and decided to give them back.

it leaves me wondering the imponderable, though: is it regifting if you didn’t get presents during the holiday for which they were originally intended?


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