today, i am somebody :)

it’s official. today, i can state that i am a published author (well. i’m published all over the web. travel writing. ERIC Digests. all sorts of stuff. i meant literarily published.) okay, so it’s only a short story. but it’s in a book. a book which can be bought. and someone else published said book. someone not related to me.

buy the book. support independent press. hell, my story sucks, but there’s some great stuff by a lot of other people in it.

(note to self: time to finish altering the first novel and time to complete the second.)


8 Responses to “today, i am somebody :)”

  1. WOW!!! Congrats, man!!! That is so effing cool. I love the books Peabody publishes. Or at least the few I’ve read. Electric Grace for everyone!

  2. Hey, congratulations! I’ll let everyone at work know :).


  3. wow–you’re a published somebody! fantastic news, & congratulations!

  4. BIG Congrats!! And ditto to what everybody else said!! I’ll second what Kelly said earlier about reading the compilation of short stories for the book group.

  5. Congratulations on your achievement! Well deserved.

  6. notdancingqueen Says:

    you.have.ALWAYS.been.somebody, dear friend.

    Still…two thumbs up, girlfriend!

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