wile e. coyote. supergenius.

i suspect i am not the only person out there who wonders whether my brain is completely full of information and incapable of admitting more without letting some of the matter, important or unimportant, go.

i wonder about these things, especially at this time of year, because i simply cannot figure out where things have gone. it is holiday time, and i have officially faked myself out. two of BS’s presents, bought a little while ago, were put away in my usual BS Present Hiding Spot ™. Only, too bad for me, as junie b would say, cos they are now officially M.I.A. the kids often play around my official hiding spot, but BC, who would be on the ball for these sorts of things, has no recollection of seeing said items. and i know i saw them last week when i first wrapped a chanukah present for BS. so i probably put them somewhere else so that they’d be supertopsecretsafe.

boy. i’m so smart. so incredibly, freakishly smart. (grrrr.)

i also noticed that a pair of jeans i bought online are missing. they’ve been languishing in a box in the closet, waiting for me to put them on when i finally admitted that i would be comfy in that size and would be ready to venture forth and get them shortened. they’re missing now, too.

i suspect that jimmy hoffa is out there somewhere, using BS’s presents and wearing my g-ddamned jeans.


2 Responses to “wile e. coyote. supergenius.”

  1. ooooh. I hate that sooooo much. outsmarting yourself by hiding something in a very secret place and then forgetting where VSP is. grrrr.

    but I have a theory that I was discussing with Kelly the other day about how the world works in strange ways; therefore, your items may have been placed in a “timeslot”, say 3 weeks from now when they will be exactly where you left them, but they just slipped through a wormhole.

    or maybe I just read too much scifi…

  2. […] the presents, BS discovered one of the two missing chanukah presents — HIS chanukah presents. the ones i somehow misplaced and which i have been obsessing over for the past two, maybe three weeks. fortunately, the one he […]

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