reindeer romp

this morning, in the rainy, icy, snowy early hours of the day, BC ran her first 5k as part of her girls on the run program. girlfriend was a bit frightened before the fact; 1) she invited her school principal to be her buddy since BS and i can’t run with her (yet) — and the dear man accepted; 2) there was a little added pressure because girlfriend ended up as a sort-of poster child for the event, courtesy of the Washington Post; and 3) she actually can’t run all the way through (yet).

BS — who is actually fighting some throaty-coughing thing — took her to the run, as he didn’t want me to risk getting sick out there. and he reported that BC’s principal was as good as his word — she ran, he ran. she walked, he walked. and even though the man is actually a serious runner, he stayed with her through to the finish line. (you bet your butt that man is getting a thank you note and some homemade cookies next week.)

i’m so proud of girlfriend. she finished what she started. (i’ve never started, much less finished, a 5k.) and she wants to keep going in the spring.

you go, girl.


3 Responses to “reindeer romp”

  1. This whole thing, the girls running and the support they get, is just so freaking awesome. I’m totally signing Thea up when she’s older.

  2. Man, you’ve got a kicka$$ principal. And, kudos to your gal for conquering the race.

  3. That’s so cool. that’s inspiring. you tell her the Osborns are so proud of her. and save me some cookies too…hee hee.

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