madame turns 9

it’s hard for me to believe, but 9 years ago today, i was waddling into a hospital and giving birth to two whole new lives: that of my darling bunnygirl and a novel existence for me as a mom.

BC, today you’re 9, and i relish seeing the person you’re turning into.

dear one, you believe in fairness to the enth degree. especially when it concerns yourself and jools, and particularly especially when you feel you’re getting the wrong end of the stick.  but you can, and do, rise to the occasion, especially when it’s the role of big sister. like a few weeks ago, when some older boys were making fun of jools at a party. he was playing with your friend’s polly pockets, and the boys were calling him stupid and dumb. it stings me that i wasn’t in the room when this happened; i had stepped out only for a minute. but you, dear girl. you stepped in and announced that he wasn’t stupid (after jools himself announced that and kept on playing, ignoring the sexist boys.) you told me that then, you had the unfortunate coincidence of swinging your leg around and hitting the particularly offensive boy “in the nut.” it was an accident, you claim.

girlfriend, you cannot kick boys “in the nut,” and i’m not encouraging you to do so in the future. as a mom, i’m supposed to teach you to abhor violence and to come and find a grownup when you cannot handle the situation. but know that deep inside me, i am cheering ecstatically for my girl, who is learning to defend all that she holds dear.

you are empathetic, and you are especially beloved by little babies and toddlers. we still call you the baby whisperer because babies and toddlers seem to seek you out.  they instinctively know you are a good person to know, and you are. you treat little ones gently and lovingly, each and every one (except for jools, who doesn’t necessarily fall under the little ones category anymore, i suppose.) the only other person i know who has that same ability is my BTD . little kids literally swarmed him when he was a camp counselor, and you guys do the same to him now. so perhaps it’s genetic.

you’ve been dropped into a new school knowing absolutely no one; and you’ve made friends, and you’re enjoying school, running, and generally having playdates, something you seldom had in your old school. there is something to be said about sending your kid to a neighborhood school over busing her to a school across town. so much for my parental hopes to give you something even better than what i had.

you’ve also said how glad you are to learn math and science in english now. i guess that helps a bit. also, having a teacher who genuinely loves teaching and children has helped you immensely. (you had one of those last year — your english teacher — but you had another, your spanish/math/science teacher, who i suspect may not.) i’m so grateful that you’ve landed in a school where the teachers behave like teachers and not crazed disciplinarians, and where religion has no place in your classroom. (i am still incredulous that your spanish teacher placed a picture of the creche scene beneath the american flag last year.) at your new school, they celebrate winter — the SEASON — and not christmas. they don’t decide to throw jews a bone and include chanukah, either.  and i am sooooo glad for it. i get so bent when people think that if they include a jewish song or a jewish story into the curriculum, then all’s well and balanced.  no, no, NO. religious holidays have no place in public school. my religion or anyone else’s. period.

but enough about me.  this should be about you.

and you are fantastic, with one leg still in young childhood and one leg firmly in the world of tweens. you still love playing with dolls, but you also love your mp3 player, Hanna Montana, and chasing boys. yep, i’m living in fear over the latter (as are the boys of the world.) but i’ll cross that bridge another day.

know that i love you. you often think i love your brother more, but i have a heart that has learned to expand to accommodate new people ever since that fateful day in 1998 when i wound up with a beautiful little girl. you taught me that, and for that, i’ll always be grateful.

happy birthday 🙂


11 Responses to “madame turns 9”

  1. Happy birthday, BC! Wow, 9 years old. When’s the party?

  2. Happy birthday to your little girl. She sounds like a gem. (is it wrong that i take satisfaction out of her kicking a bully “in the nut”?)

  3. Happy 9th birthday to your BC! She sounds like a great kid.

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!


    Kelly & I baked cupcakes last night; can we fax them to BC?
    No really, let’s celebrate!

  6. awww, happy birthday to BC! long may she kick nut. i mean, metaphorical BUTT. 🙂

  7. tpgoddess0103 Says:

    Happy Birthday to BC! I would also take great satisfaction with her inclination to kick some nuts 🙂 Though I agree that actually *doing* it is unwise. Funny though.

  8. notdancingqueen Says:

    Happy Birthday darling girl! I still remember you as Punk Rocker Baby…and the little midget escaping from me in the ITTBAB playground. Beans sends her love to her TF pal!

  9. that is the sweetest blog posting ever. :* kira is super awesome (then again so is her mom). Happy birthday to Miss K. :*:*:*:*

  10. aw, thanks all. we just were in disneyworld, hence i didn’t reply too speedily. but girlfriend isn’t too old to not enjoy seeing the disney princesses, and that’s pretty much how she spent her birthday 🙂

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