make way for ducklings

okay, okay, preschool book review week starts in earnest with an old chestnut that i feel gets overlooked nowadays — robert mccloskey’s make way for ducklings. it isn’t hip. it isn’t trendy. it isn’t cool.

but boy, is it a great, great book for preschoolers.

the story is one that most little kids can comprehend — duck parents are looking for a good place to raise a family. they finally find one. the dad has to go away. the mom teaches the kids and takes them on a tumultuous walk. dad comes home. everyone quacks happily ever after.

i cannot pick up this book without a few things happening.

1) i imitate an irish policeman whenever i read the voices of the cops in the book. (for you bugs bunny fans out there: “hey clancy, let’s take the boys and surrrrround the house!”)

2) i dissolve into laughter, along with my kids, whenever i have to read the ducklings’ names (lack, mack, quack, pack, oh, who the hell knows them all, i just know they rhyme). and:

3) we end up reading it twice in a row. at least.

the brown-tone drawings are absolutely stunning, earning this bad boy a caldecott. no, they just don’t write them like this anymore.

admittedly, i am a mom who enjoys the hip books; but i must confess that, in the same way i am beginning to rediscover the old, corny Disney movies (hayley mills, anyone?) and enjoying them, i am discovering older storybooks from my childhood, wistfully remembering how it took me longer to wise up and become the cynical chick i am today.

maybe if we read more mccloskey books, my kids will stay younger longer.

Make Way for Ducklings


6 Responses to “make way for ducklings”

  1. pishposh, old and corny merely become “old school” and “classic.”

    man, the disney movies they USED to make…FLUBBER, anyone? BED KNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS? the original LiLo/lolita-free PARENT TRAP?

  2. i have to tell you, we watched the old hayley mills parent trap — and BC LOVED it. (the 1980s sequel is incredibly awful, i would tell you — like a horrible “facts of life” episode extended.) although nothing can compare somehow to her favorite alky heroine, lindsay lohan, in her eyes. la lohan actually is fun to watch, and i hope she overcomes her personal issues. but disney has gone around a bend in a certain way and has some incredibly oversexualized material these days.

    i suspect walt in spinning in his grave. or his freezer, i suppose.

  3. I ::heart:: Make Way For Ducklings. Wild Thing loved it even more after we took a trip to Boston and visited the Public Garden where the story took place.

  4. I’m “still in love with Hayley Mills”. i never thought much about her until i was an adult. the kid in me that wanted to stay young fell in love with Hayley at age 20 or so. i started renting all of her movies. aside from Disney she did a few really cool ones…like Whistle Down The Wind and A Matter Of Innocence.

  5. notdancingqueen Says:

    Love love love this book. A loves to say all the duckie names out loud. K likes to have A read this to her. We talk about how Auntie Heather lives in Boston, too. 🙂

  6. My kids loved this one.

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