matilda by roald dahl

we first met matilda when one of BC’s best friends gave out books in birthday goody bags instead of plastic crap. (yay, mira!!) we were further encouraged when BC’s second grade english teacher, a roald dahl fanatic and all-around amazing teacher, read the BFG and the twits to the class with great animation and admiration for the works. at this time, we’ve read the book several times. we’ve even seen the movie twice, though admittedly, the book is much, much better.

read this book.

the story, about a genius girl who faces some of the worst adults ever (including her parents and her principal), is a wonderful fantasy about how adults are not infallible — and how love can prevail. you have to laugh at the names in the book (Bogtrotter?); and you will be surprised when matilda’s parents scold her for doing something so terribly naughty as reading books instead of watching crap TV.

if words like telekinetic scare the bejeebers out of you, fear not: this is not any sort of carrie meets the horsey set. but you will laugh. i promise. and you will cheer on matilda and miss honey with abandon as the story goes on.

i think the very britishness of it is what is lost in the movie, now that i think of it. and that’s simply wrong. it’s not that danny devito or rhea perlman do a bad job; they don’t. but this is a british story within a british school and caste system. without that, it misses a bit. after all, this is the story that got BC singing: we don’t need no education. we don’t need no thought control. [note to self: don’t let her go into school singing that.]

so read the book — don’t see the movie first — or else i’ll bend a spoon, or move a desk with my mind. or something like that. cos if matilda can do it…


3 Responses to “matilda by roald dahl”

  1. “All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall.”

    My middle son, Wild Thing, loves Roald Dahl’s books. His favorites so far are The BFG and George’s Marvelous Medicine.

  2. i absolutely love roald dahl. i have no earthly idea how i missed him when i was growing up. you might say i am making up for lost time 🙂 BC absolutely adored the BFG, though when i kept asking her about it, in my mind, i kept calling him the big effing giant. yep. i’m fantastic mom material, huh.

  3. theshaboozle Says:

    my brother (9 now) started reading Dahl at 5 because of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and his favourite is ‘Danny the Champion of the World’.

    I didn’t read Dahl as a child, either. Making up and being happy I was the force that brought him to the boy I love.

    ❤ Love Dahl ❤

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