sometimes, i stop and look at my kids and i learn something.

like today, f’rinstance. BC was getting ready for school. she’s participating in girls on the run, and she’s training for her first 5k. i would like to point out that i have never run 5k (not consecutively, anyway), so i’m pretty proud of her. and even if she doesn’t finish the race, the fact that she’s out there, trying, is enough to make me feel all chuffed. i rediscovered this entry. never would i have pictured that little skinnyskinnythang as someone who likes to run. in fact, back then, she was so tiny, her pants fell down. i couldn’t picture her as someone who would even be remotely athletic, she was so sickly for awhile.

but she is. not an olympian, you know, but she’s one who likes to flip on the bars and run her little heart out.

and i remember a little baby boy who couldn’t get himself to sleep. i would cry myself to sleep, remembering how angry his little face was at the time. why couldn’t i get him to sleep? why couldn’t i make it better? now, he hits a point where he puts his arm around my neck, kisses me, and tells me that he’s ready to go to sleep: “can you please leave now, mommy?”

i have to remember whenever we are challenged that things usually do get better. i have a way of making myself crazy with worry over every little picayune thing.


4 Responses to “memories”

  1. I remember the days of babies not sleeping. Colic was the curse of new motherhood in our house. My 2 older boys were preemies (33 wks and 31 wks, respectively). We were so happy when we finally got them home from the hospital, but then every milestone was delayed, including the onset of colic. ::shudder::

    Good luck to your budding runner. I have one, too (Wild Thing). He’ll be a natural.

  2. Oh, this made me so, so hopeful!! Thanks for posting it!

  3. aw what a sweet post Wreke….i welled up a bit with empathetic pride.

  4. Lovely site! keep up the great work, regards bree 🙂

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