bruce springsteen and the e street band, 11/11

we interrupt the regularly scheduled theme to share impressions about our pilgrimage genuflection concert experience with the Boss last night. for those of you who don’t know me well, know that i heart bruce springsteen; BS grew up down the street from the Boss; and that i’ve seen him a bajillion times (for example, this one.) and though we consider ourselves big fans, we are mere dilettantes compared to one of BS’s sisters, who i’ll fondly call M. M and her significant other see Bruce several times on each tour. they’ve travelled to different cities to see him. they’ve bumped into him. she’s active on a few bruce groups; in short, she knows her shit.

so when girlfriend called me at 6-something friday night and said: “a ticket drop is happening NOW,” i knew immediately to hang up the phone and grab ticketmaster. we already had tickets up with G-d for the monday night show, but what the hell — i figured i’d tempt fate. and i after several tries, i snagged two more tickets for sunday night’s show. amazingly, M snagged two — in the row right behind us. (somehow M and her beloved brother, BS, have a very strange bruce karma. one time, at a VH1 online charity auction, they tangled, anonymously over front-row seats and backstage passes. in a moment of brilliance, BS called his sister up, asked her if she was the anonymously-named chick tangling with him, and told her to knock it off. we laugh, but that chick cost us an extra grand or two, lol πŸ™‚

ah well. off we went. i was sleepy, so i drank a can of Coke Zero before my friend, who happened to be kind enough to sit with our kids, arrived. did i ever mention that i’m really not supposed to drink caffeine because it makes me nuts? no? well, su-prise, su-prise, su-prise! i think that BS and my friend were ready to swat my nose with a newspaper, as i was probably acting like a child desperate for ritalin. are you sure you know how to turn the oven off? are you sure willcall will have my tickets? are you sure… are you sure… are you sure??? when we got in to the verizon center, BS got me a beer in the hopes that i would mellow out.

great move.

this is around the time we meet up with my SIL, M, and her significant other. i’m sure i made a fabulous impression on her friend, who i just met for the first time. fortunately, M is family, so hopefully she’ll forgive me (M has actually known me longer than even BS has. in a weird stroke of co-in-kee-dink, we were in the same highschool group years ago in NJ Girls State — our last names are close in the alphabet. yep, when i went to BS’s house for the first time to meet the family, she and i kept looking at each other with don’t i know you from somewhere? faces.)

if you’re familiar with bugs bunny, recall the scene where he inhales ether and is being chased by a scientist, who, also etherized, calls out: “commmmmme baaaaaackkkkk heeeeeeeere you raaaaaaaaaaa-bit!” yep. it’s official. i’m too old for anything that might alter my natural state of being. even if it’s legal.

all this to say that i am probably an unreliable narrator (with apologies to cynematic’s pillowbook. her unreliable narrator is far cuter than i am, i bet.)

highlights for me: she’s the one, kitty’s back, gypsy biker, growin’ up. reason to believe was amazing — i love when bruce plays around with his own material and experiments with it, and this is a successful experiment. why the hell he played dancing in the dark is beyond me (though BS did a lovely imitation of jon stewart during it.) i am eternally grateful that we didn’t have to listen to yoko mcspringsteen sing any of her solo material; i am thrilled that they have a happy marriage and a wonderful life together, but her voice grates on my ears. some of the new material is really great, but i was sad that there wasn’t much from the river, probably my favorite bruce LP.

and i still maintain that the rising will one day be turned into a commercial: come on up for Verizon. the Verizon Center was flashing VERIZON to that song; i’m quite sure they’ve tried selling that one to bruce.

bruce played for about two and one-half hours. i know, i know — the dude’s pushing 60. and he’s incredibly energetic. but i still wish for the days when he would go for four hours or more. you can’t go home again. i miss his long sermons. i miss the spontaneity. it’s all so programmed now. yes, it’s fun, but somehow, there’s a little sparkle that isn’t there much anymore.

anyway, about those other tickets we had. we’re not going tonight. i’m too old and tired. besides, i knew parents of BC’s friend were jonesing for tix, so i figured we didn’t need two nights in a row of bruce. and sharing the tix made me feel like my karma points went up.

besides. i gotta wait for my hearing to come back.

set list after the jump.


1. Radio Nowhere
2. No Surrender
3. Lonesome Day
4. Gypsy Biker
5. Magic
6. Reason To Believe
7. Night
8. She’s The One
9. Livin’ In The Future
10. Promised Land
11. I’ll Work For Your Love
12. Tunnel of Love
13. Working on the Highway
14. Devil’s Arcade
15. The Rising
16. Last To Die
17. Long Walk Home
18. Badlands

19. Girls In Their Summer Clothes
20. Growin’ Up
21. Kitty’s Back
22. Born To Run
23. Dancing In The Dark
24. American Land


5 Responses to “bruce springsteen and the e street band, 11/11”

  1. aw why does everyone have to pick on Yoko Ono? It gives me the Heebeegeebees. If it’s her voice you don’t like i understand that but if we are villifying people who have bad singing voices Bruce is near the top of my list, and if it’s the old “she broke up the Beatles” thing, that never was founded…just the opinions of haters.

  2. wow, you went to see the Boss. (i’m honored that i got to be in the same blog post as him.) i refuse to believe he’s pushing 60. that cannot be, because then i’d be…

    well, old enough to be concerned about my hearing too.


  3. sorry, todd. maybe my turn of phrase was a bit cranky. but i have issues with yoko. actually, my issues are more with her as a human being and not so much as an artist. i won’t go into detail here. but i think we’ll just have to agree to disagree on her πŸ™‚

    and no, it’s not just about her voice. i would agree that bruce is no frank sinatra πŸ˜‰ i’m ok with that, of course.

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Good for you!

    OMG, now I won’t be able to get that Bugs Bunny cartoon out of my head for the rest of the day. That reminds me of a feature they have on the radio station BIG 100.3 called “Guilty Pleasure.” People send in names of songs that they are embarrassed to say that they really like, and the morning DJ plays them around 7:40 am. The other day, he played “Seasons in the Sun” by Terry Jacks. After the song ended, his comment was, “Sure. Good luck getting THAT tune out of your head for the rest of the day.” GAH! He was right! *headdesk*

  5. sorry i must have been a little cranky posting that comment too…yikes. we’ll have to have us a Yoko talk sometime.

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