kids books i loathe: love you forever by robert munsch

a caveat here: BS found canadian author robert munsch’s website and downloaded a bazillion stories from it for a recent car trip. some of them are downright hilarious. the kids continue to quote from one in particular, especially since it contains the name of one of their beloved cousins: mac-ken-zie….do…YOU…have to go PEE? (this is what passes for art around here somedays.)

that being said, it’s a good thing i didn’t realize that they were written by the same guy who wrote love you forever or else i possibly would have nixed the project from the start. (shows you how exceptionally open-minded i am sometimes, huh.) but this book, in my book, is a major stinker. we’re talking skunker-times-1000.

i remember reading a review of this once from a self-righteous man who reckoned that if you didn’t like this book, you must never have experienced a selfless mother’s love. (sort of like those people who say that if you criticize our foreign policy, you must not be a patriot.) balderdash to that. my momma loves me, she loves me. and still, i can’t stand this one. for starters, i can’t get through this thing without crying buckets of tears, much to BC’s amusement.

if my tears were all that stood between me and this book, then i would be ok with that. but there is something about this book that is just so exceptionally creepy once you’re past the whole baby-child phase. i know all about allegory; but still, the idea of the elderly mom creeping up into the grown man’s house just made me think of one too many thriller movies. attack of the senior? throw momma from the window? my mother the breaking and entering chick? i dunno. it’s all just too freaky for me.

and then, the cycle continues with a new baby.

::cue twilight zone music::

Love You Forever


6 Responses to “kids books i loathe: love you forever by robert munsch”

  1. We’re still on the same brain wavelengths, sistah. I get all pissed at myself for crying when I read this book. Then, also, that’s a dang agile elderly woman being able to creep all sneaky snake into her son’s house. And, then, he sings her into the Great Beyond? (or that was always my take on it. nice, he just lullabyed her to death.)

    Norman Bates: Love You Forever. Yes, yes, too freaky!

  2. I’ve never read that, but it sounds kind of like The Giving Tree, which I’ve always found creepy. Give and give and give until your kid cuts you down for a place to sit and then you die. Ee-yikes.

  3. …and you win the psychic mom award for this week, as i will be hitting the giving tree shortly 🙂

  4. I can’t stand Love You Forever, either, especially when Munschworks and Alligator Baby are so fabulous! I love Munschworks, esp. “The Paperbag Princess”.

  5. You and me, baby, we’re on the same groove [motions between my eyes and yours].

  6. Just dropping in from NaBloPoMo land to say I hated this book too. Very creepy. Enjoyed your blog!

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