kids books i loathe: The Holes in Your Nose (My Body Science Series) by Genichiro Yagyu

anyone who has kids knows that they all hit phases where they’re fascinated with their bodies. no, not the way high society women are fascinated (and repelled) and decide to undergo the knife; i mean fascinated by farts, snot, poop, bellybuttons, and anything else that might smell or be gross.

to that end, some clever japanese authors created the my body science series. some of the books, like Everybody Poops, translate ok and are funny to little kids (although frankly, they’re dull for grownups.) some of them, though, like The Holes in Your Nose, are simply gross and awful. i like talking about body fluids like the next person ( i threatened as much in my initial post on NaBloPoMo weeks ago), but reading through this book is about as much fun as eating your own boogers. which someone i know does. which is why i got this book in the first place. (i won’t name names, but he’s the youngest person in this house.)

i mean, who the hell cares if you can’t smell your own farts when your nose is stuffed (as this book shares, along with booger-eating gorillas and plenty of bloody noses)???

nope. even i, a grossologist (read: mom) can hardly stand this one.

in short, it blows.

The Holes in Your Nose


4 Responses to “kids books i loathe: The Holes in Your Nose (My Body Science Series) by Genichiro Yagyu”

  1. Yeh, I don’t think we’ll even bother looking at this one. We’re all grossologists in this house anyway. No need for literary reinforcement on that one.

    And, I AHEM was a connoisseur of the boogers until around age 4 or so. (here, watch me gross out the comment section) I reveled in the different varieties I could “find” and “enjoy.” Look how normal I turned out! 😉

    So, you see, we don’t need no stinkin’ ‘holes in your nose’ books in this house. We might already have a genetic predisposition to what the nose holds.

    [how are you feeling? better, i hope.]

  2. i hope you are breathing better through the holes in your nose.

  3. thanks all 🙂 i’m coughing, but thanks to the magic of benadryl and sleep, i am breathing a little better. had a scare night before last — throat was actually closing — but, in the words of a nearly-dead character from monty python, “i got better.”

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