watch out; it’s book theme time!

so i’ve got myself a leitmotif, if you will, for the rest of the month. i’m thinking about children’s books, specifically ones i loathe (very few) and ones i love (too many to fit in one month.) i don’t think i can make a week of children’s books i loathe (although i am most interested in those that others loathe, so feel free to share in the comments section if you’re feeling cranky but don’t want to go to therapy this week.) but even i have a few that i really, truly cannot stand. and you might be surprised when you find out which ones they are — some are classics in children’s literature. yes, i will probably lose a friend or two over this, but some things just have to be said πŸ˜‰

nevertheless, as much as i cannot stand these books, i would never, ever advocate book banning. i want to say that as loud and clear as humanly possible.


i feel better now that i’ve gotten that part off my chest.

because i don’t want to be a beacon of negativity (Read: i already won class pessimist back in high school; i don’t want to win another such award in my life if i can help it), i am also including books that are great for tween girls and then books that are great for preschool boys. and, in the spirit of crazeeeeeeness, i even have a few that — hold on to your hat, mavis — are good for BOTH! you know, for those times when your partner is out on the town sitting somewhere with an umbrella in his/her drink sleeping with his/her co-worker working late or just plain not around and you need to read to two sleepy, teary kids. these are books that do the trick.

i mean, i had so much fun with this sort of thing and also this sort of thing, why not try it again?

here goes nuttin’::spittin’ into her hands::


3 Responses to “watch out; it’s book theme time!”

  1. Tell me, do you live in Arlington, VA? If so, that’s just too coincidental. I was born in the District and grew up in Bethesda.

    Hope you feel better soon. I hate it when germ warfare starts around here. It usually means my reactive airway gets inflamed and makes life hell. Shall I send you a crate of oranges??

  2. one of the things i miss the most now that my floridian grandparents are gone are the oranges. every winter, they’d send up some indian river oranges from hale. i suppose i could order some, but i bet i’d start blubbering πŸ™‚

  3. wrekehavoc,
    oy, sorry to hear about the illnesses at your house. hope you feel better soon!

    looking forward to the books you have to recommend. i recently reduced myself to a blubbering mess by reading the last paragraph of Charlotte’s Web, and promptly decided i am way too chicken to read a book about death to my kid for *years* to come.

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