great music for kids: the sound of music

many in my kids’ generation have no earthly idea that there’s a second half to the film the sound of music. there are no nazis, no escaping austria, no emigrating to america. all they know is that there is this crazy nanny, played by julie andrews, who runs around singing and making the kids wear curtains. and then, mom or dad pauses the DVD, just before the creepiness sets in.

in fact, there are drag versions of TSOM, there are participatory versions a la rocky horror picture show, the muppets have done it, gwen stefani has sampled it, i suspect someone somewhere has put on an all-dog version. no matter. it’s the music that really makes this a great pick for kids. and besides, there are a zillion cultural references inside this gem. don’t keep the joy of running onto a great, green mountain meadow to yourself.

so save yourself the angst. skip the DVD and go borrow the soundtrack — julie andrews is still my fave as maria, though others have done well with the part — and start singing doe a deer, my favorite things, hell, my kids love my version of the lonely goatherd.

better they should hear that last one from you and not from gwen stefani.

8 Responses to “great music for kids: the sound of music”

  1. One of my all-time favorite movies EVER!

  2. Another NaBloPoMo blogger stopping by to say hi: I’m leaving a comment on someone else’s blog daily, starting at the end of the alphabet. I love the blog subtitle, “Deus ex mama”. Surreptitiously articulate!

    I completely agree about TSOM. Great score, but a great movie, too. Another great movie soundtrack is “The Music Man”: 76 Trombones, Trouble, Till There Was You, Lida Rose. All wonderful tunes. Stop by The Testosterone Zone and say hi.

  3. sound of music is one of my all time favorite musicals. one little known fact about me, i actually know the lyrics and can actually sing most of the songs from the movie/soundtrack. i’m sure i must have pulled out the ‘do you know this song?’ trick in an attempt to entertain miss kira and tortured her with my rendition of ‘do a deer’ or ‘raindrops on roses’.

  4. ‘do a deer.’ she said ‘do a deer.’ uh huh huh huh.

    i’m sure she appreciated your dulcet tones. i know i appreciated your entertainment the lady, though now, you’ll impress her more if you can sing “fabulous” from high school musical 2 😉

  5. doe a deer. oy vey. i’m losing it! it’s a miracle i didn’t type “do a dear”. i watched high school musical, and i think it’s pretty lame…don’t tell missy i said that. 🙂

  6. you aren’t hurting my feelings about not loving HSM. believe me 😉

  7. i never saw TSOM as a kid, but have enjoyed it several times as an adult. I’m not as gaga as K is about it, while she is not terribly keen on my favorite musical, Bono Vox Superstar!……..i kid of course.

  8. hahaha. although i make BS look at me funny when i tell him i loved JC Superstar AND G-dspell as a child. yep. i’m a nice jewish girl…

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