bridezilla strikes again

your life must be really, really sad if you feel you must sue a florist for extreme disappointment, distress and embarrassment over the flowers from your wedding. apparently, there goes another person bringing down the legal profession because her flowers weren’t the right color. she wants more than her money back (and who the hell spends $27,435.14 on flowers alone???) — she wants revenge. if i were someone who provides services in the bridal industry, i would politely refer lawyers in love to other people. sure, i’d lose money, but a whole lot less than this.

in my humble opinion, she should perhaps get her money back (i’m sure she had a reasonable expectation that she should get what she paid for, so fair is fair), but nary a penny more.

at the risk of sounding ungrateful, i don’t even remember my wedding. well, not much. i remember being happy that it didn’t rain so that we could marry outside. i remember bees attacking my bridesmaids. i remember putting a “no madonna” clause into the DJ’s contract. (this was 1990, and i was not having any voguing at my party.) beyond that, though, the whole day is blurry.

and that’s why i marvel that people spend sooooo much money on absurd things. weddings are lovely, but why do people go overboard on a day they may not even remember? i love flowers, don’t get me wrong. but nearly $28,000 worth? some people don’t even make that in a year. set up a foundation, people. give it away charitably. if you’re so inclined, you can work it so that you get a tax break. but jeez — $28k for flowers? obscene. $400,000 for emotional distress?


2 Responses to “bridezilla strikes again”

  1. I totally agree! I read that article and thought they were insane for spending that kind of moulah on flowers. I don’t think they should get a penny back – I’m sure the florists did the best they could, but it’s not like you can really control random shades of flower colors. And, besides, I’m sure none of the guests noticed the flowers through the alcohol-induced coma that they probably drank themselves into in order to put up with the bridezilla. You’re right – if people can throw around that kind of money on flowers, then they should consider doing something philanthropic with it. 28k is a ton of money – if I didn’t have health insurance, that’s how much my gallbladder surgery would have cost me.

  2. As you know, Todd and I got hitched at a justice of the peace do. I completely can’t relate to spending that much money on a wedding. Good luck to them, though!

    Hey, I tagged you for another meme. I suck that way. 🙂

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