why didn’t i think of that?

who needs the rubber chicken circuit! apparently, there’s a movement afoot to couple campaign fundraising with concerts. republicans and democrats alike are pairing campaign events with concerts, from the police shows to brooooooooooce, and even maroon 5 [note to self: who cares about maroon 5, and would any maroon 5 fans even have that kind of money to pony up, anyway?] i guess the bottom line for these artists would be to sell tickets (well, really, it’s to sell merchandise — that’s where the money is made, apparently). but you gotta wonder how they’ll feel when someone they don’t like is linking their name with the artist/s.

i’m waiting for BS to say he wants to suddenly contribute to Frank Pallone’s coffers to get better Bruce tix (pallone took the seat of a now-deceased former friend of BS’s.) [additional note to self: don’t forget to water the money tree in the backyard.]

i wonder where this will all lead. since conservative republicans will likely not be sponsoring anything at the bruce gig (doy!), will they start fundraisers at those christian rockfests? will that bumblebee christian metal band develop a resurgence? and what about the hip hop krewe?

i suspect one of the biggest political fundraisers, if anyone out there had a brain in his head, would be to create an event with tickets to see Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. omg. i mean, hit up the parents, the ones with disposable income. and then hold onto your wallets, kids, while your tween grabs for it and begs you to support congressman so-and-so.

if nothing else, it might get your kid interested in the political process.


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