Really Deep Thoughts


i can’t get the damn thing to work in my widgets, but i can post it here! i’m participating in National Blog Posting Month, affectionately known as NaBloPoMo, a phrase also suitable for using in cursing situations. (i believe someone already coined the phrase NaBlo me.)

basically, one has to post every single day in November. so see, you get 30 full days of my nonsensical blather. 30 full days of hearing about body fluids. 30 full days of, gee, i don’t know. i think i’ll branch out a little bit though and take on topics some weeks. Really Deep Thoughts, as my girl tori would say. if you have any ideas about things i could tackle, feel free to share in the comments. please note that i won’t deal with nuclear fission, or even nuclear war in general since i took the latter up with Edward Teller in college and made a complete ass of myself on local TV in miami. and yes, my grandmother was watching. dahling.

and karin, beloved friend, i love you with every fiber of my being and have done so since Honors English at Rutgers, but i loathe william butler yeats, so he’s out of the question, too. in case you were wondering.

so make a suggestion. and, if nothing else, check out my page. i’ve got a jukebox i made with a mix i call 52 girls i took it down because jukeboxes apparently are a bad idea. wah.

you don’t have to think Really Deep Thoughts (or even be an English major) to figure out the leitmotif there.


6 Responses to “Really Deep Thoughts”

  1. Ok. I’m retarded b/c I still can’t get the damn widget to work for me. I’ve copied and pasted your suggestion from the forum over and over to no avail. I’ve been cursing my mac up and down, threatening to beat its ass and send it to bed without any supper. See, I’m all ornery now. πŸ™‚ But, congrats to you for getting it going. You smart, smart girl.

    I can no has NaBloPoMo. 😦

  2. oh curb, you aren’t deficient. see, here’s our problem in hosted wordpress-land, in a nutshell: you can do one of two things. if you want to put the picture in a posting (like i did above), you rightclick the html picture and save a copy to your harddrive; then, you upload it to your post, highlight it and hyperlink it to nablopomo.

    however, if you want to put it in a widget, then someone somewhere has to host the html, and then we put that in the widget box, referencing both the link and the image. i don’t think rick meant to have people linking to his hosted site, as it will chomp away at his bandwidth. (bad me.)

    and now, i figured it out — this is what you do:

    a href=””

    brackets around the phrase


    img src=”×240.jpg”></a

    brackets around the phrase.

    please don’t hurt me, people. i’m just a mom.

  3. Nobody wants to hurt you. We love you, you brilliant widget figure-outer mom.

    I’ll keep playing around with my widgetry. Someone over on the forums mentioned that some themes on wordpress just don’t deal well with certain widgets. I would have to go and pick the high-maintenance theme. It’s a slow learning process for me.

    Thanks for your tips!

  4. I love love love WordPress for so many reasons, but not having access to the template code would drive me batty. Still, it’s a GREAT blog platform!

    Re NaBlo’ing us, it would be cool if we all came up with daily themes to fall back on, you know? Like I have Video Friday. Maybe What-I-had-for-lunch Wednesdays, Cupcake Sundays, Moody Mondays (with pictures of yourself growling or whatever).

  5. I’m a frick-fracking genius.

  6. when i grow up, i wanna be just like you πŸ™‚

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