as usual, i suck as a mom

yesterday was painful enough. BC started a running program at school geared toward tween girls — you know, all about girl power and healthy self image and all those things my girlfriends and i all lack? of course, she gets there, and there are three other third grade girls who say hi to her and quickly run away. the girls, apparently surgically attached at the hip, were not interested in making a new girl feel welcome. apparently, after i left, BC cried 😦

it sucks having to relive childhood misery.

so this morning, i wore my workout clothes to school when i dropped BC off. after yesterday’s trauma, i took a few minutes and walked her in. i should point out that my t-shirt is an ancient, huge t-shirt that a woman from the Weekly World News gave to me when my old workplace was contemplating doing a content deal with them. i absolutely love this shirt and will mourn it’s passing when it goes (it’s 11 years old now). there’s a picture of a mink on it. the headline reads:


$30G full-length mink comes alive and bites rich widow to death!

ah, the subtlety. the new york post has nothing on these folks.

anyhow, i am walking out of school, having successfully removed my beloved child, BC, off my person. i see a mother. she sees me. she stops.

and she scowls.

i mean, a major, WTF scowl. like somehow, i am polluting the very air she and her child are breathing because of my shirt (which, i would point out, was freshly laundered at that point in the day.) she actually looks angry at me. i walked on.

that’s it. i’ve had it.

i’m checking ebay to see if i can find BC a Sex Pistols shirt to wear to school.


6 Responses to “as usual, i suck as a mom”

  1. Dude, it’s not YOU who sucks. You and your shirt rock.

    Blog save the queen,

  2. i’m just amazed at the irony of it. i mean, i think i’m too weird to be there at times. and i can’t wait until BC decides that mom and her music and her literature and politics are just too out there for her.

    and let’s not even start with my hair. one day, i may go through a second rebellion. i’m thinking a streak of pink might look nice…

  3. Hey, I’m stalking you and Kelly O today. 😉

    I’ve had a similar t-shirt experience. I’m obesely pregnant and limited in the 3 shirts sans holes I have to wear in public, one of which is black with JEZEBEL in bold white letters across the chest. (A friend found it when cleaning out his closets years ago…don’t ask me why a dude had such a shirt)

    I vowed to never again wear it out in public after the last trip to the grocery store where EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the store scowled at me. I expected to be stoned to death on my way through check-out.

  4. nylonthread Says:

    Wreke, I totally second Kelly’s assessment of the sitch.

    And a streak of pink (I was typing mink, hee) would look fabulous on you. You’re not trying to impress your coworkers, so go for it! I will absolutely support your pinkness.

    Maybe that woman was worried that you might have the power to make her fur turn against her as a zombie, who knows?

  5. she was probably jealous of your super cool tshirt. most likely, she didn’t “understand” it. ignorance breeds contempt n such.

  6. notdancingqueen Says:

    Make book covers with BC in her 2-y.o. (?) Halloween outfit and hand them out as party favors in her class…with an extra one for Snotty Mom, as I will forever call her. I fart in her general direction.

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