so today, i’m at physical therapy, doing what i do best — sweating and being a complete and utter spaz. i’m on this pulley that i have to pull, attached, like a dog on a leash. i walk forward like the guys in genesis in i can’t dance only to hit the end of the line, and, like a dog that rushes it’s way to the end while chasing a squirrel, i get yanked back by pounds and pounds of weights. it’s pretty funny, actually, and i can’t wait til next week, when BC has to accompany me. oh, i’ll be hearing about this for years: mommy is so nutty! let’s have her committed.

but i do this every week in the hope that my knee will get stronger, that i’ll get stronger, that the world will resume some semblance of normalcy.

but will it ever, i wonder.

so i’m doing my thang. next to me is a woman who is working on another body part with one of the PTs, a really nice guy whose name i’ve forgotten. we’re all talking about new jersey, as his siblings live there and he’s off there for the weekend. i mention that i grew up there, and we start talking geography.

so this woman notes that she likes middletown, NJ. i mention it’s a nice place, that my mother taught there for a little while. i’m trying to understand what she’s saying — she has a thick accent, though it sounds like a mixture of asian and hispanic, and i can’t really hear everything clearly. but then, she starts going off on jews. v e r y c l e a r l y, thankyouverymuch. are you jewish? she asks the PT. he whips out two crosses he has around his neck. and then she goes off on how jews are all rich and-other-delightful-stereotypes-that-just-make-my-life-complete and which i won’t even write here.


this was the point where i hit the end of the pulley, literally knocking the wind out of myself. they moved at that point. i stood there, dumbfounded. i’m still mad that i didn’t get to question her. politely.
there’s a part of me that has had such an incredibly shitty week that would just simply start screaming in a socially-unacceptable way. considering, though, that i have to continue at the PT for the unforseen future, though, i didn’t.

but that chick better hope i am not scheduled at the same time she is. she will get an earful.

why? why? why?

it seems to be increasingly socially acceptable to bash jews again. even segments of the liberal left (of which i always thought i was a part), some of whom are jewish, go after jews on the whole concept of middle east peace. it’s difficult to separate rational arguments from antisemitism, to be sure.

people seem to have forgotten how it all started: how many countries refused to let refugees from Nazi horror into their countries — sometimes in measured amounts, but plenty of times, outright refusal, america included. israel let them in. i’m not saying israel is even close to perfect — america certainly isn’t — but i’m beginning to get irritated about how it is becoming increasingly fashionable to bash people with broad brush strokes. as if we are one people who agree on everything in every way.

it’s about as effective as bashing all americans because of our president’s foreign policy. because believe me, it ain’t like we all agree with the Shrub.



7 Responses to “bashing”

  1. impressed you bit your tongue. i would have DEFINITELY given that biatch an earful. at the very least, i would have sarcastically said, “oh excuse me, didn’t you see my horns?” and left it at that.

  2. Man, what a piece of work! Effing bee. I’m always flabbergasted when something like that happens, to the point of impotent sputtering and then crying furiously later. My sister has a good line she uses from time to time: “I’m sure you’re a very nice person, but you’re not acting like it right now.”

  3. i have to use that one from now on. i splutter, too. either that, or curse. a lot.

  4. […] things like what i should teach my children to do if someone says goes on a bigoted rant like the woman in PT yesterday), i came upon information about the galveston movement. it explains why my grandmother and her […]

  5. Wow, I’m sorry, I can’t imagine how much that must have sucked. I don’t know how I would have responded, either. Rage is tempting, but probably not very constructive. But anything more temperate seems like it wouldn’t adequately convey just how horrible she was being,

  6. wow, sorry you had to put up with that. as bad as that is, i think it’s even worse when the jew-hating is attached to some trendy political cause. i see it more and more these days, mostly from the left, where “anti-zionism” and “criticism of israel” is the pretext for some of the most pernicious and offensive stereotypes since 1945. then when you call them on it, they respond with a disingenuous “what? is any criticism of israel anti-semitic now?”

    argh! i’m the first to admit that the us and israel have both done some awful things, but the rhetoric is slowly easing toward actual anti-semitism. it scares me sometimes.

  7. exactly. i’m dumbfounded that my favorite ex-president, jimmy carter, is doing that in borderline fashion. now, i guess, my favorite ex-president will have to be bill clinton. (not that there’s a huge choice of living ex-presidents, i guess.)

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