taking the cupcakes

BC recently started life at our neighborhood school. soon thereafter, everyone received a note about school snacks. as the third graders have the latest lunch at school (lunch begins — wait for it — at 12:50), they are allowed to bring in an extra snack to eat mid-morning. the snack, however, is supposed to be a healthy snack — and apparently, if you send your child in with something like, oh, i dunno, HoHos, the HoHos will be taken (or put away) and your child will either be hungry or, if your child has a nice teacher like BC does, your child will probably get some graham crackers or animal crackers to tide her over.

ok, so i get the whole healthy snack thing. no one wants to have to teach sugar-hopped kids all day. after lunch is enough to have to deal with that. but wait — there’s more.

on birthdays, one is not supposed to bring in cupcakes. one is, instead, supposed to bring in something healthy if one is so inclined. one example i read was a popcorn ball. (aren’t those things put together with corn syrup? tell me how corn syrup is better than sugar!)

c’mon. it’s a freaking birthday! what on earth is problematic about a kid having a birthday with cupcakes? so now, i will probably bake muffins with chocolate chips in them and pretend they are cupcakes. i’m so stealthy and subversive, you know.

apparently, i’m not the only one irritated by this. 


6 Responses to “taking the cupcakes”

  1. I’m with you. Not cool!

    I have three words for you: chocolate zucchini cupcakes. I halve the sugar, replace the eggs with two bananas, and throw in a handful of chocolate chips. SO. GOOD. And, like you, I’d call them muffins.

  2. that is bloody ridiculous. you can get around it with muffins and snackbars and rice krispy treats. it’s school. not a dictatorship. ridiculous.

  3. yep. sounds like the way to go 🙂 mmm, i want some already~

  4. obviously this public school “rule” of no sweets hasn’t done much for this country’s obesity problem. kids (not yours!) are getting fatter and fatter. me thinks a single cupcake once in a while isn’t the root cause.

  5. and while i’m on a rant, i am SOOO against restricting food, making a big deal out of it or making any one item a “forbidden fruit”. only makes the kids want it more. food shouldn’t be a reward or a punishment or something to control. this is how kids end up with eating disorders. grrrrr.

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