super why!

please G-d, get the super why! theme song out of my head!

it all started when i heard about this great new pbs kids show called super why! a wonderful reading show. i looked it up at to find it was not on yet. of course, they had a first episode on line, so jools immediately hooked himself up to it. and he hasn’t stopped since.

now, we TIVO the show, in spite of WETA’s and TIVO’s disagreement over when the show is actually on. and i’l be darned if the theme isn’t catchy, in that overblown, love boat theme meets something groovy circa 1972. (i wonder if lenny kravitz might be behind the music somehow.)

if it helps jools start down the happy course of reading, well, i’ll get over myself r e a l l y fast.


One Response to “super why!”

  1. Ha! I have the same problem. It’s damn catchy. Who’s go the powa? The Powa to read? Who answers the call, for friends in need?

    Hell, it’s not just the theme, it’s all of the music. When they fly into a book, it’s just as bad: “into books with flyyyy to find the super story answer, with superwhy” Hell, even the hip-hip-hooray song at the end is catchy.

    And at first, I hated that they changed the ABC song, but now I actually like it better. I think it’s good for the kids to have the alphabet song be a) fast, and b) more upbeat. Sure beats the lullaby twinkle twinkle ABCs thaty we grew up with.

    Anyway, Damn you, damn you, mysterious Superwhy composer!

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