what is it good for? absolutely nothing.

you know, when BC tells me that she’ll still be hungry for dinner if I let her snarf down some cookies?

i believe that about as much as i believe this.

tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of a most terrible day. it’s bad enough that i’ve had to have the conversation with BC about planes going into buildings. it’s even worse that one of my former colleagues lost his wife in one of them.

we have one of the official Arlington trees growing in our yard, grown to commemorate one of the lives lost at the Pentagon. it has grown huge, to match my anger over this Administration’s foreign policy. we’ll put out the American flag in memory of all of those lives needlessly lost: the people in NY, the people in PA, the people in the Pentagon.

and the people in Iraq. ours and theirs.


2 Responses to “what is it good for? absolutely nothing.”

  1. I hear you, man. I hear you.

  2. notdancingqueen Says:

    Girlfriend, I still can see visions of John Miller closing the blinds at TF as a precaution, seeing the FBI surrounding our building, and feeling the building shake when the Pentagon got hit. Terri got the cafeteria to “cater” all of those pizzas for the kids because the Good Foods guy was locked out. Scariest drive home I *ever* had – by the time I left, not a single car to be seen or sound to be heard — except military helicopters circling overhead. My brother still to this day will not talk about all he saw that day in NYC. He takes the PATH to work — every freaking day he circles around The Pit – what an AWFUL way to start your day. I was depressed for just the 3 days I had to do it when I was TDY this summer and staying with him.

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